Friday, June 09, 2006

Incredible good atmosphere downtown Munich

I just met 2 girlfriends at the Chinesischem Turm in the English Garden in the center of Munich. We ate brezl and had coffee and apple juice there. Finally the sun is shining and it is very good weather. But even better is the atmosphere. So many people from all over the world are here. Men in T-shirts with Costa Rica on it, German flags. Everybody is excited. Many people have painted flags on their faces.

I already bought 4 bottles of beer - 2 non-alcoholic for me, 2 dark Weißbeer for my boyfriend. Yesterday my new TV arrived. The men who brought it smiled: Just on time. Yes - a very good timing.

Everywhere downtown are huge screens. We won't stay at home all the time. But the first match at home is good.

How exciting.

And what has this to do with yoga? It is fun. Fun is yoga. If you have fun you enjoy the present moment. And that's yoga, isn't it?


Kevin said...

But I will still practice tonight, and video the football, just have to make sure I do not hear the score on the way home!

Ursula said...

I understand you very well. 10 years ago I wasn't interested in football at all, I even disgusted this mass hysterie. I changed. Now I like it. Have fun whatever you will do.

Sergio said...

I'm not interested in football (soccer) - at all. Never have. I'm one of the few Spanish people that don't follow it. But I understand all the excitement so have fun!

Kevin said...

I had the most wonderful practice on Friday night, I was adjusted into Marichyasana "D",fantsatic, I felt so good after that practice and was pleased I made the effort to go to practice. I went home and watched the recording of Germany and Costa Rica. I bet Munich was a happy city on Friday night!

Ursula said...

To be active is always more satisfying than just watching TV. But to have the world cup here is really something special here in Germany. You can feel it at every corner. There is a party and a screen everywhere. I like the international atmosphere in town.