Thursday, June 01, 2006

I felt better than I thought I would

....and this had consequences: I practiced this morning. I practiced after reading my Emails, but before breakfast.

I started slowly. At first I only wanted to find out how my body feels, if the harmstrings hurt or some other part of the body. It was too good yesterday. But everything was OK.

So I went on. Surya Namaskara A,B, standing positions and then second series. I approach the asanas of this series very slowly. But I feel that it is good for my body to do backbendings as well. After ustrasana I left out the vinyasas. Fine. Then closing sequence. I had music in the background. This helped. It is easier for me to focus with music than with nothing else than me.

To develop a satisfying home practice is really a challenge.

Perhaps I felt so good, because I got up after 7 hours and something of sleeping and not after 9 hours. The longer one sleeps, the stiffer the body is my experience.

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