Thursday, June 22, 2006

I can't believe it,...

and I also don't want to believe it. I even pondered to write it. Somehow I feel ashamed about it. Fact is my neck hurts again. I woke up this morning and the pain was there. It is not as bad as it was after that Bikram class, but it is something that draws my attention to it.

How could this happen? I think it was during chakrasana or my backbending exercise yesterday. Who knows.

Is there someone outside, who is not injured in some way? Ashtanga Yoga as a dangerous spiritual practice?

Other subject: I'm happy that I build again step by step a working life beside yoga. Tomorrow I will give a small business owner an introduction in accounting (I am an accountant). I will get paid what I asked for.
In addition I start selling journals online. A little start, but every step counts. I want to have a flourishing export-import business, that allows me to do Ashtanga yoga every day. That's something, isn't it?

On the picture you see a parc that is a few steps away from my flat. People lie there in the hope to get tanned. Sometimes I think that this could be a nice place to practice yoga. I fear it is too showy. I abondoned the idea already. My view to the balcony is more attractive.

I will sit in padmasana today. That's it. Tomorrow is another day and time for an exhausting, enlightening practice.


samasthiti said...

Hi Ursula!
Sorry about your neck.Can you just omit Chakrasana for awhile? It can be really hard on your cervical spine, especially if you're not able to clear your head when your going over..
Get better! Faith!

Ursula said...

Hi samasthiti,

yes, I have to omit it. I was so happy that I am able do it now. But it won't help.I am also not sure if my backbendings were the cause for this overstrain of my neck. I will be coutious. Thanks for your comment.Ursula

Tiffersll said...

Oh sorry about your neck! You should put heating pads on it! Maybe your pillow is bad?


Ursula said...

Hi tiffersll,

thanks for your idea. I sleep rather flat. I've heard that this is a good position to relax the neck. I think now it was the backbending exercise that hurt me. I did too much. Today I feel already better. Buh.

Sue said...

Glad you're feeling better already. I know how frustrating a recurring injury can be. Take care of it, heat on the area helps, so does nice long baths :)