Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Home practice - confidence - music

I practiced at home. I practiced with Sharath's CD. After the standing positions I switched on the radio. I wanted to work on the second series. Music helped me to go on. It helped me not to discuss all the time if I should stop or go on or if I should do the next asana or omit it and so on. Music is fun. Fact is it helped me. It was a good idea this morning to switch on the radio when I need it. I find it very difficult to practice alone, I want to make it as easy as possible. During the weekends I practice without anything because I don't wont to disturb my boyfriend. This should be enough (torture). I did the closing sequence again with Sharat's CD.

Confidence: I think to have confidence that if one practices on a regular basis that this means progress per se and to have confidence in it is important. It helps to avoid injuries. Because then I do not have to force me into a position I'm not yet ready for. Effort is good, yes. I don't fear that when I add more lightness, more fun to my practice that I won't exert anymore.

I will try out what music will do to my practice. How about classical music like Bach, Mozart, or are the Rolling Stones better? I will find out. I've so many CDs in my bookshelf and I don't find time to listen to it. Perhaps music brings fun and lightness to the mat and helps me to stay concentrated as contradictory as this might sound.

On the picture you see a beergarden. You can bring your own food, you only have to buy a drink, most people drink beer. I prefer water. There are still ashtrays on the table, but this might change in the near future.

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