Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday morning - 1st series

Now I sit here, wet from head to toe. Exhausted. I switched on my CD player and practiced with the CD by Sharath. It started very well. I was concentrated. I was not very flexible, but I didn't care. I started being exhausted just before navasana. I omitted this posture already. I continued afterwards halfhearted, because I felt so weak. I omitted setu bandhasana and dhanurasana. I finished with a quick salamba sarvangasana, halasana, matsyasana and padmasana. In the meantime I didn't follow the CD anymore. Then I laid down on the floor, exhausted. It was sort of a crash at the end of the practice. Content, that I practiced. More was not possible today.

My new method to go into marychiasana C is very helpful and helps me to reach the other hand a few cm closer to the wrist. At first I bind the one hand around the leg. Then I take the other arm far over the head. I stretch it as far as I can to the ceiling and in a wide circle I take it back and down to the other hand. So I really gain a few more cm.

To jump through was not possible today. I did almost all the vinyasas, I lifted my body up, used my bandhas and jumped back.

Tomorrow I will not practice. My left leg needs a break for recovery. And it is Saturday.

My days at the moment: In the morning I do my pratice, do some housework, go shopping (food), write my journals (2 at the minimum) and from 2:30 p.m. or at the latest at 3 p.m., I watch the soccer matches. Not each match is exciting. Sometimes one has to wait till the last few minutes till it gets exciting. But this is also an important point. Good teams never ever give up. Every second counts till the last second.

Started reading the book on self-discipline (how to go from thinking to doing) by Bryant:

The insights from chapter one: There is a part of you that does not want self-discipline. I can agree with this sentence. Yes, I know this, I experience this from time to time. And what I read in other blogs, some of the bloggers have also a part which is not so self-disciplined. That seems to be a common issue. This part of the self has different faces: cynisism, negativism, defeatism, escapism, delayism.

First conclusion: consider the part of you that does not want to be self-disciplined as a partner not an enemy that you have to defeat.

To be continued.

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