Thursday, June 29, 2006

The first half of the year is over

And where are my resolutions from the 1st Jan 06. My focus and main goal was to pass an important accounting test. I succeeded in the end of February. Before February I had a busy schedule - preparation for the test and after February my list of the 10 goals (after the test 9 goals) was neglected. I found my list today. I have to rethink it.

My Ashtanga goals till the end of December 06:
- I want to work especially on such asanas like kurmasana, supta kurmasana, hanumanasana, eka pada sirsasana and pincha mayurasana.
- Finally I want to know all the asanas of the 1st series by name (sanskrit name). I always forget the names. This is likely the easiest task.
-I want to maintain a regular morning practice, except on moon days and Saturdays.
- And I want to plan my trip to Mysore.
Enough, enough.

My business activities must flourish: I will make this more concrete later. As this is a yoga blog other subjects as yoga might be of minor interest for those who read my blog. So I don't want to broaden it. Only this: Today I got a phone call. When the phone rings I'm sometimes proned to say: "Hallo darling." But since I have a web address I have to expect professional callers at any time. The woman today was from a British recruitment agency. (Hallo darling). She offered me some interesting jobs as an accountant. I think she was pleased about the conversation as she wanted to make an appointment for Monday right away. I agreed and sent her my cv. Then I got another Email from her. She wanted to have three references. I should call first these references and she would call later in order to ask about me. I'm not willing to give her phone numbers from former bosses. Neither am I willing to call former bosses. She can read my credentials. For your information: it is not the costum in Germany to give references like that. And to be honest I'm not sure if I can give her references. I worked for interesting, but small and medium sized companies. They are not at all pleased when you go. This means work for them, looking for new employees and so on. Now I ponder if I shall go to the interview or if I shall cancel it and say why. I tend to go to the interview. But I have to be prepared. I need good answers why I won't give her references. I cannot tell the truth, that's for sure. I cannot and I won't start talking about my mobbing experience in one of the companies where I worked. I cannot talk about a choleric boss and so on. Why do people not trust on themselves? Human ressource departments are especially paraonid to make a mistake. All this will not influence my mood. I feel good, so it is.

I was at the bank today and fetched some US-Dollars. I will need them during my stay in the US. I already picture how I eat my first ceasar salad with a glas of Chardonnay. Californian chardonnays are my favourite wines.

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