Monday, June 26, 2006

Black Monday

I feel heavy. No motivation. Went out at 12 and had lunch outside: penne al'arrabiata. I ordered a red wine as well. It was my first meal and then with red wine - imagine. I ate too much. The portion was made for a man, as the cook learned too late that a women had ordered the meal. I wanted to start a conversation with the friendly waiter or with the cook, who appeared as well. I always like to talk to people. I began with the subject soccer. It turned out that the restaurant was a soccer free zone. Neither the cook nor the waiter were interested in soccer. But they were polite enough to answer. Then other guests came. They made these two men, both bold, busy. I decided to leave. Afterwards I went to a bakery for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. I read a book by Paul Arden there. What for a waste of time. Then I did grocery shopping. It is always heavy to carry all that food home. My arms get longer and longer. And no yoga so far.

Funny conversation with my boyfriend: He called me after lunch time. He ate a panna cotta. It must have been very delicious, because he went to the cook and asked for the recipe. Now he has the recipe. ("He gave it to me", he announced proudly). I guess the recipe is for me. I cannot imagine my boyfriend standing in the kitchen preparing panna cotta. My boyfriend is a gourmet. He knows the best restaurants all over the world.

In Bavaria appeared a bear one or two months ago. The politicians were so paranoid that they allowed to shoot that young bear. He came from Austria. For a few weeks he always could run away. This morning they shot him. So sad. Now they want to exhibit him in a museum. That's what I call pervers.

I think I have to go to yoga. My soul needs it.
I have to write my bill. That's a nice activity also, istn't it?

So no self-pity any more, there is no reason. I hope another post will follow with yoga stories.


Wayne said...

We all have these days where our body feels heavy and unmotivated. Don't give yourself a hard time, it will pass.

I tried your suggestion of trying to practice with the World Cup Football on and discoverd a new drishte - not my naval, not my toes, not my fingertips but... the television! The match was too exciting not to watch.

Sergio said...

Why did they shoot the bear? Couldn't they just let him be? Or at least capture it and then take it away from the city?

Sue said...

Mmm panna cotta :) Want to share the recipe? Not that I'm much of a cook, but I like collecting them in case I feel the sudden urge to cook!

It's ok in German too if it's hard to translate. I have a German speaking boyfriend who can translate, whether he likes to or not!

Ursula said...

Hi Wayne,
now it is getting exciting and more exciting in the world cup. Only the best of the best are playing now. It will be more and more difficult to concentrate on your toes. But it is funny what you wrote.

Hi Sergio,
at first they wanted to capture this bear. Then they judged him as dangerous with the result that they gave the allowance to shoot him. It was a clever bear. Several times he managed to run away.

Hi Sue,
I will post the recipe of panna cotta soon. I know the cook who gave the recipe to my boyfriend.It is a very good cook.