Friday, June 02, 2006

A bad excuse for not practicing this morning

I felt cold. It is so cold here. I wanted to turn on the heater, but it is sommer time and the heater is not working anymore. A nightmare.

Instead I worked on my project: to organise my bookshelf. Have you ever dedusted a bookshelf? Another nightmare. I'm glad that I find a lot of books that I will sell on Ebay or which I will throw away. It is too much what I have. Yesterday I had the inspiration that all this stuff that I have can be a reason why I have difficulties to concentrate when I practice Ashtanga at home.

What exactly do I do: I dedust every single book. They are standing in 2 rows on the bookshelf. I have to take it from the shelf, I have to go to the balcony in order to clean it there, otherwise the dust would remain in that room. Then I write the author and the titel of the book in a blog, so that I know what I have. But I'm always looking for books that I can throw away. I need room to breathe.

The idee is, that I first read a book of course, then I write a summary of this book in a blog and then I give it away (as a present or at eBay). Only those which I will read several times should stay with me.

I hope that a more organised home will help me to concentrate.

At 3 o'clock I will meet a girl-friend in a cafe. I'm looking forward to seeing her. A nice distraction.

And perhaps afterwards I will be in the mood and warmer to pick me up to practice. The day is not yet over at 2:00 p.m.

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