Monday, June 19, 2006

Ashtanga led class till navasana

Sometimes I think I have less time available than other people. I open my eyes in the morning, close them, open them again and it is lunch time. And I had not yet practiced. I felt a little bit stressed, because it was already so late. I was sure that this would have a bad influence on my practice at home.

So I decided to go to the studio at 4:30 p.m. At 4:00 I took my bicycle and drove to the studio. We were about 6 people, not so many. The teacher gave nice adjustments, not too hard. I was happy about this, because I know me, I wouldn't have said that my left leg hurts. I had a good practice. The group is so good. Groups always carry me through the practice. I think that movement is good for my leg.

Tomorrow I will practice on my own. Second series. Hopefully I will practice in the morning.

Yesterday in the evening my boyfriend and me were in one of our Italian restaurants. We had spaghetti tarantina (tomatoe sauce with capres and olives). I ordered as well a glass of red wine and later a dessert "Tiramisu" (I know this is not vegan, but I wanted to eat it). The restaurant was almost empty, even though they had a TV switched on. Later came a bus with Brasilian spectators. They were all dressed in their national colors and came from the match. In Germany is soccer time. It was a very nice quiet evening with my boyfriend. I only wanted to mention it. These evenings, even if they were not so spectacular are a great joy in my life.

Now I will wach TV. It is soccer time.
That was it for now.

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