Friday, June 09, 2006

And how about my practice?

Yesterday I didn't practice. It was the day after my Mysore class. My body is always a little bit overstretched in the morning after such an intensive class. I'm at home with new ideas like jumping through with straight legs, but the body is not yet ready to perform it. Yesterday in the evening I felt again so cold that I took a hot bath. This was very relaxing.

This morning I got up too late. I had the appointment with my 2 girlfriends. The best time to practice is really in the morning for me. I'm not too distracted, I'm highly motivated, I'm alone in the morning as my boyfriend leaves our home rather early. During the day I'm obliged to do so many other things, that I often cannot concentrate on doing yoga. I feel busy, I think of all the things that I have to do and so on. Now I feel cold again. Are this all excuses?

I did some postures while watching TV. I sat down in padmasana , I binded marychiasana A. I did paschimottanasana while watching TV and I even tried to force my legs behind my neck. But this is not yoga. This is unconcentrated playing around. I don't know why I do this from time to time. It is better to take the time for a concentrated practice. But yoga is always in my mind. It is present all the time. Sometimes I think I want to add yoga to everything I do. It starts in the morning under the shower when I wash myself between my little toes - I do it in Uttanasana.

I want to practice tomorrow (although it is Saturday). In total I'm glad that my body could recover a little bit. Me too, I noticed that my left harmstring is sore and I felt this for almost 2 weeks, but neglected it. I always want to overlook these "little" injuries. But it is always a sign to be more attentive. It is a sign that the limits must be respected.

When I write all this down, one more time it springs into my eyes that yoga has not only to do with the body, but with the mind. To focus the mind is the real challenge.

Let's have fun with our practice.

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