Friday, June 23, 2006

America, I come

"At the end of July I'll be on a business trip to the USA. Would you like to come with me?"
"Yeah." Smile, smile.

Of course, we speak German when we talk to each other (my boyfriend and me). English or German, who cares, it is good news. I like to travel to the USA. We'll be in Portland, Oregan first. There I will be rather often on my own, because my boyfriend has to work. I think, you know what this means. I can do yoga every day at the studios there. I think I will go to the gallery. I already was there and it was rather good. Then we want to drive to the south. As San Diego is one of our favourite cities I can imagine that we will make it till there.

Oh so exciting.

Yesterday I practiced in the evening. I did the poses of the Jivamukti CD "strength and flexibility". I felt bendy. My left leg is much better now, my neck was more a problem. Later during the soccer match Brasilia:Japan I sat down in padmasana (left leg first, right leg first and the other way round). I sat down in vjrasana as well. The match was exciting.

And today I've a rather busy day. At 12 a.m I will give the introduction to accounting. And in the evening we are invited to a classic concert in the Nymphenburger castle.


Sergio said...

Yay! I've read Portland is a very vegan-friendly city. Food aside, I hope you enjoy the trip.

Julie said...

Ursula... Portland is awesome... make sure to check out Casey Palmer's studio... and if you come this way (San Diego), we'll hope to see you at Tim Miller's studio!

Ursula said...

Hi Julie, thanks for your hints. I surely will check Casey Palmer's studio. I will find it. I travel without PC, but my boyfriend is with PC, so I will be able to blog from time to time. I will write where I am and where I will practice. It would be a great pleasure to meet you.

samasthiti said...

Hey Ursula!
When?! We might be up visiting!We are also on the way to the south, in the very northern end of California. Where all the redwood trees are, which are amazing...Stop by anytime! Would love to meet you!

Also you could check out Anne Finstead at Ashtanga Yoga Portland, she has Mysore all week and then there's led class on Saturday, taught by Elena Carstegena.

Wayne said...

How exciting to make the trip! Portland and San Diego are both wonderful.

Hope your accounting introduction went well.

Ursula said...

Hi Sergio,

in Portland is a even a vegan restaurant

Hi Wayne, it will be my second time that i will be in Portland. In San Diego I was already 4 times during the last 8 years. That's also why I'm so happy. I like these places

Hi Samasthiti, I would like it so much to meet you. So far it is planned to fly on the 20th of July. Hotel and other details are not yet known. I will keep you informed. Thanks as well for your studio hints.