Friday, June 30, 2006

I'm prepared now

I am prepared: White wine, chips, incense. I decided to go for an alcoholic beverage as it could happen to be very exciting today, the match (Argentinia: Germany). It could be that I need something to calm me down. It is still 5 hours ahead. Can't wait.

I still have time to do yoga. Perfect timing.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

The first half of the year is over

And where are my resolutions from the 1st Jan 06. My focus and main goal was to pass an important accounting test. I succeeded in the end of February. Before February I had a busy schedule - preparation for the test and after February my list of the 10 goals (after the test 9 goals) was neglected. I found my list today. I have to rethink it.

My Ashtanga goals till the end of December 06:
- I want to work especially on such asanas like kurmasana, supta kurmasana, hanumanasana, eka pada sirsasana and pincha mayurasana.
- Finally I want to know all the asanas of the 1st series by name (sanskrit name). I always forget the names. This is likely the easiest task.
-I want to maintain a regular morning practice, except on moon days and Saturdays.
- And I want to plan my trip to Mysore.
Enough, enough.

My business activities must flourish: I will make this more concrete later. As this is a yoga blog other subjects as yoga might be of minor interest for those who read my blog. So I don't want to broaden it. Only this: Today I got a phone call. When the phone rings I'm sometimes proned to say: "Hallo darling." But since I have a web address I have to expect professional callers at any time. The woman today was from a British recruitment agency. (Hallo darling). She offered me some interesting jobs as an accountant. I think she was pleased about the conversation as she wanted to make an appointment for Monday right away. I agreed and sent her my cv. Then I got another Email from her. She wanted to have three references. I should call first these references and she would call later in order to ask about me. I'm not willing to give her phone numbers from former bosses. Neither am I willing to call former bosses. She can read my credentials. For your information: it is not the costum in Germany to give references like that. And to be honest I'm not sure if I can give her references. I worked for interesting, but small and medium sized companies. They are not at all pleased when you go. This means work for them, looking for new employees and so on. Now I ponder if I shall go to the interview or if I shall cancel it and say why. I tend to go to the interview. But I have to be prepared. I need good answers why I won't give her references. I cannot tell the truth, that's for sure. I cannot and I won't start talking about my mobbing experience in one of the companies where I worked. I cannot talk about a choleric boss and so on. Why do people not trust on themselves? Human ressource departments are especially paraonid to make a mistake. All this will not influence my mood. I feel good, so it is.

I was at the bank today and fetched some US-Dollars. I will need them during my stay in the US. I already picture how I eat my first ceasar salad with a glas of Chardonnay. Californian chardonnays are my favourite wines.

Yes, I practiced,...

but it was not special. I felt stiff. I'm happy that nobody could see me. I think it looked as if a bad pupil is forced to do something and doesn't like to do it at all. I felt stiff. But the structure of the series was there. I did surya namaskaras, standing positions. In the last second I remembered that I wanted to work on the second series. It is astonishing that I like to do full vinyasas when practicing second series. It is somehow relaxing. That way I can postpone the challenging backbendings and if it is for a few seconds. The vinyasa is relaxing in comparising with the backbendings. I did a short closing sequence. As I'm alone at home I can do another sequence this evening. I think of a Jivamukti CD.

My boyfriend is on a business trip. I learned on Monday that he would be away from Tuesday through Friday. So I decided not to change the linen. When I'm in bed now I can smell my boyfriend as if he is close to me. There is only one difference - I have so much more space (ha,ha,ha).

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mysore Style Class

How I missed this class. Today we were 8 people: a wild gang. Even "famous" people were there: Alan Little. I know his blog. It is really funny if you meet someone and you know about his life and he knows nothing about you. I told him that I was reading his blog ( ). He said that he was too busy now to write often.
Another man was there with long rasta curls, a web designer. We had exchanged Emails already. He finished his mails with "peace from the middle east". No comment from my side on this.
One woman had a slight English accent and was very ambitious. She and another woman were "beginners" (means they didnt know the sequence).
Another young man and 3 old stagers formed this group.

In total I think it was rather chaotic today. But I think the more chaotic it is around me the better I can concentrate, no matter if it is my TV or a wild bunch. I become somehow mulish and I think that I will go my way, I will do my stuff. And so it was. The disturbances helped me to concentrate on myself. I forgot only one of the asanas. It was one of my favourite ones: Ardha baddha padmottanasana. Suddenly I saw V. practicing this asana and I know that I missed it. I was almost a little bit sad. But over is over.
My teacher told me that she will do backbending with me next time (to go back in dhanurasana from standing position). Oh, I'm a little bit - ahh very - afraid of it. I will do backbendings during this week in order to be better prepared.
I was helped into kurmasana and supta kurmasana. I didn't say that my left leg needs some special treatment (because it hurts). That has nothing to do with bravery anymore, it is stupid and misunderstood ambitious. But so it was. I was again a little bit too fast. V. asked me why I am so fast. One reason is that I do yoga with the CD by Sharath and then I'm through all the asanas within 1 hour. And till now my exhaling is much longer than my inhaling. To equalize these both breathes would make the whole practice calmer and longer. I sweated. V. asked me during the practice if I was sweating. I answered that I was wet from head to toe.
It was a very special evening. I like to meet people with passion. The practice and how it is executed (Mysore style) is so special. I feel so good now.

I will treat my body with care tomorrow morning. That's a resolution.

The life around yoga

No practice this morning. I will go to Ashtanga Mysore style this evening. There was a break of 2 weaks now, as my teacher was on a workshop with Lino Miele in Italy.

I had enough things to do: this morning I designed my bill. It took me a rather long time. It is one thing to meet the requirements of the German tax office. But the bill should have a design that pleases and which looks professional. So I'm happy with the result. I already mailed the invoice.

Then I met Ch, an artist. I wanted to discuss my online appearance with him. I'm convinced that a good design sells. The whole concept should be more concrete. That's what I take home as information. I think this is true and important. I will work on that. Perhaps he can design a nice logo for me later. To have a logo is cool.

Now I'm looking forward to Ashtanga Yoga. I'm rather curious what my collegues have to say.

I reflect if I shall give my blogger address to acquintances and friends?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Jivamukti class

At 9:30 I went to an open class at the Jivamukti Yoga Studio. Marie, a very nice woman, was the teacher. We started with an exercise with a belt. We put the belt around the head and around the foot while lying on the back. That way it was easy to relax and stretch the leg. I already knew this exercise, but I had forgotten it. Hanumanasana, pigean, were part of the exercises. I like pigean very much, but I scarcly do it (as it is not part of the Ashtanga series). I liked to do it today. It was a rather demanding hour. At the end of the hour we got a little massage on the neck, while we were in rest pose. This was very nice, very relaxing. The oil smelled very well, too.

I want to be more flexible and stronger. And I want to be 2 kg lighter.

Yesterday I pondered if I should start a list in order to document how often I practice Ashtanga 1st series, how often 2nd series, how often I go to Mysore class, how often I go to a Jivamukti class and so on. But I discarded this idea. Again another list, another task to do, more organisation. I think I can be happy without this list.

The coffee after the class with my acquintance was very nice. We had too much to talk. Our conversations are like a neverending river.

Summer time in Germany. I like it. I can go out without a cardigan. Fruits are reap. People come out of their holes and enjoy the sun. Some people sit on the grass. One can sit outside everywhere. Simply perfect.

Monday, June 26, 2006

I got my act together

At least I practiced Ashtanga. Suddenly it was almost too late. I had to take my bicycle in order to be on time. I rode to the studio 10 min away from my home. At 4:30 was a led Ashtanga class till marychisana C. I gave my very best. It was hot. I sweated. No, I didn't make any progress. My left leg is still not OK. I hate it. But I moved my body and I feel so much lighter now. We were about 8 people. The other people sweated as well. They looked as if the asanas were tiring them.

I will eat a melone now, I will drink some water. And then is time for watching TV.

I will plan my activities for tomorrow. I have already a schedule: At 9:30 I will go to a Jivamukti yoga class. I have an appointment with an acquintance. We will have a cup of coffee afterwards. In the evening I will meet P. in a coffee to watch Brasilia:Ghana. She likes watching TV as well. I think this is enough fun on my schedule. I hope that this will motivate me to do some other tasks as well. I have to believe in me.

Black Monday

I feel heavy. No motivation. Went out at 12 and had lunch outside: penne al'arrabiata. I ordered a red wine as well. It was my first meal and then with red wine - imagine. I ate too much. The portion was made for a man, as the cook learned too late that a women had ordered the meal. I wanted to start a conversation with the friendly waiter or with the cook, who appeared as well. I always like to talk to people. I began with the subject soccer. It turned out that the restaurant was a soccer free zone. Neither the cook nor the waiter were interested in soccer. But they were polite enough to answer. Then other guests came. They made these two men, both bold, busy. I decided to leave. Afterwards I went to a bakery for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. I read a book by Paul Arden there. What for a waste of time. Then I did grocery shopping. It is always heavy to carry all that food home. My arms get longer and longer. And no yoga so far.

Funny conversation with my boyfriend: He called me after lunch time. He ate a panna cotta. It must have been very delicious, because he went to the cook and asked for the recipe. Now he has the recipe. ("He gave it to me", he announced proudly). I guess the recipe is for me. I cannot imagine my boyfriend standing in the kitchen preparing panna cotta. My boyfriend is a gourmet. He knows the best restaurants all over the world.

In Bavaria appeared a bear one or two months ago. The politicians were so paranoid that they allowed to shoot that young bear. He came from Austria. For a few weeks he always could run away. This morning they shot him. So sad. Now they want to exhibit him in a museum. That's what I call pervers.

I think I have to go to yoga. My soul needs it.
I have to write my bill. That's a nice activity also, istn't it?

So no self-pity any more, there is no reason. I hope another post will follow with yoga stories.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Oh, my Lord .....

I really want to go with you, ....

I just came home from the Jivamukti Yoga studio. It was wonderful. Patrick led us through the open hour. Open means it is for advanced practitioners. What I could see ( I looked a little bit around) there were a lot of advanced students there. In the beginning Patrick chanted as if he were already from another world. So did the group. And I enjoyed the chanting, too. Suddenly I noticed that I smiled. I had forgotten everything. The sound of the chanting people was wild. It was full with passion. One mat was next to another mat. The room was crowded. So many aspirants. It was hot and this was good, too. It was a Jivamukti Yoga class, but so many asanas are practiced in the first Ashtanga series as well. I sweated from head to toe. During the class the CD player was on. The Beatles, but also aries came from it. I thought that when they play songs during the practice in the shala, I can do it also at home without thinking that this is not true yoga. Patrick led us with a strong voice, which I liked. I could hear him very well, despite the rather loud music. Now I feel as if I am ready to take on anything. (But I'm too lazy to prepare a decent meal).

In the morning I got up too late. It was eleven o'clock to be precise. I knew that it would be difficult to practice. After my morning pages I cleaned the bathroom, I cleaned the cupboard under the sink. This was absolutly necessary. I entered my expenses into the PC. This was necessary, too. I'm happy that I attacked these unthankful tasks. Now I will relax a little bit and then I think we will watch TV. And I will plan my day tomorrow. I don't want to feel lost in space.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


It is Saturday now - a few hours before the match Germany:Sweden. My boyfriend is playing soccer at the moment. But he will be home on time. Chips and beer are at home already.

Job: My first client was happy and I'm sure I will get new clients through this very nice woman. She will get back to me as well soon. She already asked me if I would do the accounting for her. But at first she wants to try it by herself. Fine. I was dressed businesslike. I had put on a white pair of trousers and a brown silk blouse. And I had put on a very beautiful colorful necklace . I always ask myself how I can make an impression that people think that I work precisely and that they can rely on me. I try to dress perfectly. That's not always easy. And I'm really on time. I do not ring the bell 5 to 12 or 5 past 12 when we made an appointment at 12. At 12 I ring the bell. I also have my business card handy. I do not start searching for things. Everything is prepared. I also give a few copies of important information. This shows that I'm prepared. Most people like to have something in hand. After 1 hour 45 min I was through of most of the accounting stuff, which is necessary for a beginner. I told her I would charge her for this time. But to be honest this was a mistake. It would have been better to make a summery of all we have talked about. It helps to remember later and I would have worked 2 hours. Afterwards I felt exhausted. I went to a bakery ordered a piece of cake and a cup of coffee. When I think that I have to pay taxes on that income it was not a fortune that I made. But it was a start. I can write my first bill and this is something. Next steps: I contacted the software company who sells accounting software. I want to sell this, too. Most small business owners don't have an appropriate software. Excel will do it as well, but to be more professional a special software is necessary. I can recommend a software, I can show how to use it and so on. This is real support.

Party: The concert was great. They played Mozart, Schumann. And how a man said during one of the speeches: The musicians started at a very high level and they developped to a maximum. During the concert my boyfriend whispered in my ear: I do this all for you. I just ordered Genesis for him. He prefers rock. I loved the music and I thought that it could be a very good combination to play Mozart and to do Ashtanga yoga at the same time.

In the beginning of the party I was alone, as my boyfriend had still to work. I was standing in the entrance hall a little bit lost. But then a man came and introduced himself and ordered champagne for me. Then another man came. It turned out that the other man was even a duke. I got a kiss on the hand and later from someone else another kiss on my hand. And then my boyfriend came and he gave me a kiss on my blond hair. What an evening.

After the concert we had the party in the garden which you see on the picture. Food (of course with meat) was offered and wine. Everything was perfect. We had some conversations with the other guests on food, other countries, soccer, driving cars, Munich and so on. Fun, fun, fun. In the end we even got a book as a present. It is on coins. I'd have prefered a thriller. But the invitation came from a bank, so a book on coins is understandable.

Before the concert I had a nice experience with one of the woman there. I was sitting on a bench and when I stood up my clothes were dirty. Then this nice women cleaned my coat with her hand. Amazing.

(Believe me, if I would wrote in German, my stories would be more exciting, with more tension. Oh, if I only could write better English.)

Today is Saturday. So far I haven't practiced. I think I will wait till tomorrow. Saturday is a day off. Yes, so it is.

The party is over

What for an intensive day and evening. It's 1 a.m and I don't know if I am tired or not.

My accounting job went very well this afternoon.
The concert and the party were great.

I will go into greater details tomorrow. I have to look up vocabulary for my post and I'm too lazy for this activity now.

On the picture you see the Castle Nymphenburg. The concert was in one of the houses on the right side. The party was in the "backyard".

And tomorrow is soccer time (Germany:Sweden), what a contrast pragramme.

Friday, June 23, 2006

America, I come

"At the end of July I'll be on a business trip to the USA. Would you like to come with me?"
"Yeah." Smile, smile.

Of course, we speak German when we talk to each other (my boyfriend and me). English or German, who cares, it is good news. I like to travel to the USA. We'll be in Portland, Oregan first. There I will be rather often on my own, because my boyfriend has to work. I think, you know what this means. I can do yoga every day at the studios there. I think I will go to the gallery. I already was there and it was rather good. Then we want to drive to the south. As San Diego is one of our favourite cities I can imagine that we will make it till there.

Oh so exciting.

Yesterday I practiced in the evening. I did the poses of the Jivamukti CD "strength and flexibility". I felt bendy. My left leg is much better now, my neck was more a problem. Later during the soccer match Brasilia:Japan I sat down in padmasana (left leg first, right leg first and the other way round). I sat down in vjrasana as well. The match was exciting.

And today I've a rather busy day. At 12 a.m I will give the introduction to accounting. And in the evening we are invited to a classic concert in the Nymphenburger castle.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I can't believe it,...

and I also don't want to believe it. I even pondered to write it. Somehow I feel ashamed about it. Fact is my neck hurts again. I woke up this morning and the pain was there. It is not as bad as it was after that Bikram class, but it is something that draws my attention to it.

How could this happen? I think it was during chakrasana or my backbending exercise yesterday. Who knows.

Is there someone outside, who is not injured in some way? Ashtanga Yoga as a dangerous spiritual practice?

Other subject: I'm happy that I build again step by step a working life beside yoga. Tomorrow I will give a small business owner an introduction in accounting (I am an accountant). I will get paid what I asked for.
In addition I start selling journals online. A little start, but every step counts. I want to have a flourishing export-import business, that allows me to do Ashtanga yoga every day. That's something, isn't it?

On the picture you see a parc that is a few steps away from my flat. People lie there in the hope to get tanned. Sometimes I think that this could be a nice place to practice yoga. I fear it is too showy. I abondoned the idea already. My view to the balcony is more attractive.

I will sit in padmasana today. That's it. Tomorrow is another day and time for an exhausting, enlightening practice.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Morning routine

It is late in the evening, about midnight (soccer time at the moment, but we use to go to bed late all the time). I ask my boyfriend: "When do you have to get up tomorrow? I just set the alarm clock." He: "At 6 o'clock. I have to get up that early." Me:"But you will never get up at six o'clock." He:"I have to get up at 6 o'clock." OK, I set the alarm clock for 6 o'clock.

Next morning, when the alarm clock wakes us up, my boyfriend resets it at 7 a.m., then at 8 a.m.. At 8:30 it is me who asks him:"Would you mind if I go to the bathroom first?" He wants to sleep, so it is me who is at first under the shower. Afterwards I prepare 2 cups of coffee for us so that we can get the feeling that we woke up. Suddenly my boyfriend gets busy. Soon his morning routine is done and then I use to say to him: "Sit down for your cup of coffee. You have this time." Then we sit down and enjoy a few minutes sipping our cup of black coffee.

Then it is already after 9 a.m and I get busy, too.

My practice was at 4 p.m. It was supposed to be my morning practice. I sweated. It's summer time here and very warm. I did the first series. My left leg still hurts and this makes me crazy. I have the feeling that I do not progress at the moment, I'm on a plateau. But this is OK as long as I keep practicing. I could enjoy many of the asanas.

I added an exercise. Just before urdhva dhanurasana, I stood up and bent my body back. Behind me is a mirror. I tried to bend back till I could see my face. This should be a motivation. I hope that this exercise will improve the backbending of the first series.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Home practice - confidence - music

I practiced at home. I practiced with Sharath's CD. After the standing positions I switched on the radio. I wanted to work on the second series. Music helped me to go on. It helped me not to discuss all the time if I should stop or go on or if I should do the next asana or omit it and so on. Music is fun. Fact is it helped me. It was a good idea this morning to switch on the radio when I need it. I find it very difficult to practice alone, I want to make it as easy as possible. During the weekends I practice without anything because I don't wont to disturb my boyfriend. This should be enough (torture). I did the closing sequence again with Sharat's CD.

Confidence: I think to have confidence that if one practices on a regular basis that this means progress per se and to have confidence in it is important. It helps to avoid injuries. Because then I do not have to force me into a position I'm not yet ready for. Effort is good, yes. I don't fear that when I add more lightness, more fun to my practice that I won't exert anymore.

I will try out what music will do to my practice. How about classical music like Bach, Mozart, or are the Rolling Stones better? I will find out. I've so many CDs in my bookshelf and I don't find time to listen to it. Perhaps music brings fun and lightness to the mat and helps me to stay concentrated as contradictory as this might sound.

On the picture you see a beergarden. You can bring your own food, you only have to buy a drink, most people drink beer. I prefer water. There are still ashtrays on the table, but this might change in the near future.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Ashtanga led class till navasana

Sometimes I think I have less time available than other people. I open my eyes in the morning, close them, open them again and it is lunch time. And I had not yet practiced. I felt a little bit stressed, because it was already so late. I was sure that this would have a bad influence on my practice at home.

So I decided to go to the studio at 4:30 p.m. At 4:00 I took my bicycle and drove to the studio. We were about 6 people, not so many. The teacher gave nice adjustments, not too hard. I was happy about this, because I know me, I wouldn't have said that my left leg hurts. I had a good practice. The group is so good. Groups always carry me through the practice. I think that movement is good for my leg.

Tomorrow I will practice on my own. Second series. Hopefully I will practice in the morning.

Yesterday in the evening my boyfriend and me were in one of our Italian restaurants. We had spaghetti tarantina (tomatoe sauce with capres and olives). I ordered as well a glass of red wine and later a dessert "Tiramisu" (I know this is not vegan, but I wanted to eat it). The restaurant was almost empty, even though they had a TV switched on. Later came a bus with Brasilian spectators. They were all dressed in their national colors and came from the match. In Germany is soccer time. It was a very nice quiet evening with my boyfriend. I only wanted to mention it. These evenings, even if they were not so spectacular are a great joy in my life.

Now I will wach TV. It is soccer time.
That was it for now.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday morning 2nd series - Why do I feel so weak?

It is now 11:30 a.m. and I just finished my practice (2nd series till eka pada sirsasana). I practiced in silence as my darling was still sleeping. I enjoyed the surya namaskaras. They were so familiar.

Standing positions: I went from one asana to the other without holding them very long. At the first impulse I got out of the position. My left leg is better, but it still hurts.

Trikonasana: I tried to do it differently as usual. I was adjusted twice from different teachers. They both told me to open the hips. The perfect trikonasana is when the hips are one upon the other. So I stabilized my hips and stretched the one arm to the ceiling. The other arm slided down on my stretched leg. I reached the shin that way, but no more the toe. I think it was good as I felt that my one side was stretched. In order to reach the toe the hip goes forward and that's exactly what is to be avoided.

I did the backbendings of the 2nd series. The vinyasas are a relaxation from the challenging backbending asanas. My attitude was not ambitious, I wanted to take care of my body. I want that my left leg doesn't hurt anymore.

But there is another question that arises: Why do I feel so weak? I have gained weight a little bit, but it's not worth mentioning it. I don't think that this is the real reason for my heaviness. What I can see is that I got muscles on my legs, my arms and even my belly is much stronger. So yoga does a lot for strength (I can see my muscles). I think yoga does a lot for the flexibility (that's why we are always overstretched). But circulation is neglected. My pulse doesn't quicken during my practice. The consequence might be that one has to add some sports. I still resist. But why do I feel so weak?

Saturday, June 17, 2006

No practice on Saturday - outdoor viewing

No practice today and it was so good. There was no "I should have" or "I could have concentrated more" or, or, or. I was so relaxed. It was my day off and I enjoyed it. I also think that it was good for my left leg. Even in the evening when my boyfriend and I were watching the last match for today (USA:Italy) I didn't stretch. Usually we sit on the floor while watching TV. I like this. I think this shows sort of flexibility (in the body and the mind). We lean against the sofa, but we sit on the floor. Very often I do some asanas while watching TV. I do paschimottanasana or I do padmasana right leg first. When it hurts I change the legs. I go into Janu Sirsasana, then marychiasana and back to paschimottanasana. But today was my free day. I sat down half lotus, as I have to sit somehow. From time to time I laid down on the sofa, but no asana. So good.

In the early afternoon a girlfriend picked me up. We wanted to watch one or two matches somewhere outside. We call it "outdoor viewing" here. We found a bar in the Leopoldstraße, a Mexican one. You can see it on the picture. It was a quite atmosphere, which I liked. The first drink "sugar libre" (non-alcoholic) was rather good. It was a mixture of lemon , brown sugar and some juices. But a match is 90 minutes and there are breaks and there is time after the match. I didn't like to drink and to drink and to drink. Also in this bar they played music between the match. Even the hymnes weren't played loudly. It was a warm afternoon with people from different countries around us. But I prefer watching TV at home. There I can eat cherries, I can walk around from time to time, I can listen to the commentators. I can see if a match is exciting or not, but I learn so much more when I listen to the commentators. The stories and discussions after the match are for me equally interesting as the match itself.

Tomorrow will be another soccer watching day. But tomorrow I will practice (2nd series) and I'm looking forward to it.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday morning - 1st series

Now I sit here, wet from head to toe. Exhausted. I switched on my CD player and practiced with the CD by Sharath. It started very well. I was concentrated. I was not very flexible, but I didn't care. I started being exhausted just before navasana. I omitted this posture already. I continued afterwards halfhearted, because I felt so weak. I omitted setu bandhasana and dhanurasana. I finished with a quick salamba sarvangasana, halasana, matsyasana and padmasana. In the meantime I didn't follow the CD anymore. Then I laid down on the floor, exhausted. It was sort of a crash at the end of the practice. Content, that I practiced. More was not possible today.

My new method to go into marychiasana C is very helpful and helps me to reach the other hand a few cm closer to the wrist. At first I bind the one hand around the leg. Then I take the other arm far over the head. I stretch it as far as I can to the ceiling and in a wide circle I take it back and down to the other hand. So I really gain a few more cm.

To jump through was not possible today. I did almost all the vinyasas, I lifted my body up, used my bandhas and jumped back.

Tomorrow I will not practice. My left leg needs a break for recovery. And it is Saturday.

My days at the moment: In the morning I do my pratice, do some housework, go shopping (food), write my journals (2 at the minimum) and from 2:30 p.m. or at the latest at 3 p.m., I watch the soccer matches. Not each match is exciting. Sometimes one has to wait till the last few minutes till it gets exciting. But this is also an important point. Good teams never ever give up. Every second counts till the last second.

Started reading the book on self-discipline (how to go from thinking to doing) by Bryant:

The insights from chapter one: There is a part of you that does not want self-discipline. I can agree with this sentence. Yes, I know this, I experience this from time to time. And what I read in other blogs, some of the bloggers have also a part which is not so self-disciplined. That seems to be a common issue. This part of the self has different faces: cynisism, negativism, defeatism, escapism, delayism.

First conclusion: consider the part of you that does not want to be self-disciplined as a partner not an enemy that you have to defeat.

To be continued.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday morning - 2nd series

I don't know from where the power came, but my practice was surprisingly good. I did the surya namaskaras and the standing asanas with the CD by Sharath. Then I practiced the filling of the sandwich, 2nd series. I did full vinyasas between the asanas. It is relaxing for the lower back to do it. I need the counterposes in the vinyasas. Only once I visualized my breakfast - banana with sojayofu, nuts and raisins. Most of the time I was consciously on what I was doing. I forgot to smile, the 2nd series is a challenge.

Kapotasana: I enlarged the distance to the wall. This is more helpfull. I went back, touched the wall and went up again. I used the bandhas. But I couldn't hold the asana. I'm happy with it.

Eka pada sirsasana: A few days ago I read in the book by Swenson for some inspirations. He offers a few very interesting variations. Eke pada sirsasana and supta kurmasana are very similar regarding the goal. They are both hip openers. I will work separatly on these 2 asanas. Once these two asanas are managed, I think this will be a real leap in my practice. Till the end of the year I'd like to see a visible improvement.

Headstand: I couldn't hold it very long. But I was up till 10 breathes.

My left leg still hurts. I'm sorry, but this influences my practise, especially in prasarita padottanasana.

I practiced with a short pair of trousers today. I was asthonished. I'm not very sure, but I think I gained muscles.

It feels so good to have practiced.

Yesterday I found the book "self-discipline in 10 days" by Theodore Bryant on my bookshelf. I will read it again. I think I have forgotten most of the hints. I'm fed up with the never ending inner dialogues, if I should do something or not.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The balcony

At least one project is finished: my balcony. I went out a second time to buy some more flowers. That's my view now when I practice. I like it. It couldn't be better.

I already put on my yoga clothes. Hopefully this will give me the last kick to move.

Wednesday morning

I felt somehow depressed this morning. It was as if I do not accomplish anything at all. Huge to do lists and nothing gets done. We woke up too late. Far after 9 a.m. I had my first cup of coffee. I had no sojayofu for my breakfast at home. I decided to go out and buy some flowers for my balcony. I thought to move a little bit could be good. My balcony is still not done. I went out without putting a lipstick, some color on my face. Should the world see how pale I am. I took my bicycle, it needs cleaning too, and I went to the flower shop. I bought soil and 3 different flowers. My balcony is still not done now. I need more flowers. But I couldn't carry more, even not with my bicycle. So it remains a project which is not done and on my to do list. Only the doves think that my balcony is ready for building a nest there. But as much as I like animals I don't want to have doves on my balcony.

Now I sit here. The mood bettered slightly. I will iron the laundry, clean the floors, just that I can say to myself that I've worked on something.

I rolled out my luxury mat this morning. Yes, I did it. I stood in samasthiti and then I ran away. I will wait till my fans arrive. At 3 o'clock the first match will start. I will practice 1st series today. I am sad that I couldn't make it to practice in the morning. It could have been so good. To do the little trick, to pretend that all the soccer fans are mine, is really funny and helps. Try it.

At 9 p.m. I can fully concentrate on the match Germany: Poland.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Strength and flexibility

I practiced a second time today. I switched on the CD player and played the CD by Sharron Gannon "strength and flexibility".

The second practice was more satisfying than the first practice. Garudasana was very good. I could balance in a variation of utthita hasta padangustasana. I don't know when it happened, but my left leg is still sore. I noticed it especially in hanumanasana. I had a block under my body when my right leg was in front of me as well. But I needed more support while my left leg was in front of me. My left leg was much less flexible than my right leg. I even tried to do Mayurasana against a wall and I could hold the position for a few moments with my feet away form the wall. Urdhva Dhanursana was exhausting, but I hold it for 5 breathes.

I have the feeling that I have really enough asanas I'm working on. I don't want to learn new asanas now. Those that I already have are enough. That is a rare feeling. Most of the time I want to learn new things, I'm curious. At the moment I don't need more quantity, I need more quality in my practice. I also write this because Danny Paradise will come to Munich in July for 3 days. I will participate only on 2 days. I'm not yet ready for asanas of the 3rd series which will be teached on the third day. Even to think to learn new asanas, exhausts me.

I was at the optician today. I showed my broken glasses. The shop assistant offered to give me new earpieces. She only had a little bit another color, but I liked the new color as well. Then I asked her:"How much is it?" and she said:"It's for free." I couldn't believe it, but it was true.

I walked through streets with very nice little shops. But I didn't buy anything. I have so many things at home, I need nothing. But I saw so beautiful clothes, shoes, jewelry, food whatever you can imagine. I overcame the temptation to buy and buy.

Now I'm at home again. I will watch TV, world cup French:Swiss and later Brasilia:Croatia. Each match is different and exciting.

Stiff and weak

Three times I ran away from the mat, but I returned. Perhaps it was because it was so early this morning (before breakfast and before 9 clock). The last times I practiced much later during the day. The body is more flexible later during the day. But I practiced (2nd series). When it became difficult and more difficult to stay on the mat I switched on the radio. This helped for a while. I didn't hold the asanas very long. I went from one asana to the next in the hope that it will be over rather soon. Does it really hurt so much? Or is it only an issue of concentration? No real motivation soared in me. I think I missed my spectators. But they will come back this afternoon and evening. I want to practice one more time today. I do not yet know if I like to practice with Brasilian, Croatian, French, Swiss, South Corean or Togo fans. There are again 3 matches today. I even consider to do outside viewing during one match. There are a lot of huge screens all over the city.

Yesterday I walked on my glasses after cleaning one of my rooms. One earpiece broke. Now I have to go to the optician. I hope that I can get another pair of glasses soon as I cannot write nor read without my glasses. I can only do yoga without my glasses :) .

Monday, June 12, 2006

They play, I practice

It is so motivating to have these sweating soccer players so close to me (my TV is next to where I practice). It is true, I did all the vinyasas, while Australian and Japanese soccer players tried to make a goal.

I even tried to jump through with straight legs. What a surprise I could do it, but not with the flat hands on the floor. I was up on my fingers. But I got a feeling how it is to jump through with straight legs.

My left leg hurts. I think that is something we have in common with the soccer players as well. One subject during that world cup is, who is hurt and why and where and when they will be recovered and so on. I have to be careful. I'm disappointed because due to that injury my right side is so much better now than my left side.

I always want to be equally trained. That's why I take the right leg first in the first series when I do padmasana. When I do the second series I take the left leg first to get into padmasana. I'm very curious how you do it?

I enjoyed every single asana. I was sure I did something special today. I enjoyed my body. It was a very good practice. It was as if I were outside, as I could open the doors to my balcony. I'm so happy that the weather is good today.

Now I must only manage to get out of bed a little bit earlier than 9 a.m. OK, I got to bed at 1 a.m. but that's not really a reason to sleep and sleep and sleep. Life is too exciting.

And now the second part of the match Australia: Japan. What a life.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

If you need a break, take it.

This is a quote I found in the book by Desikachar, "Yoga of the heart". It was the motto of my practice today. I practiced quite a while after breakfast. It was a rather long practice. It was silent around me, I could open the doors of the balcony and from time to time fresh wind came into my room. Weather was perfect. Whenever I wanted to take a break I took it and if it was only for some breathes.

I did 2nd series till eka pada sirsanana. I practiced slowly and attentive. I added some variations that should support some asanas.

Trikonasana: I bend the knee first and I try to reach the upper leg behind my back with the hand that should point to the ceiling. Then I straighten the leg. Then I direct the arm to the ceiling. I think this helps to open the hips.

Chakrasana: I inhaled, it is definitely easier to do it while inhaling.

Utthita Parsvakonasana: I binded the hands under the leg and pulled back the shoulder. This should help to open the hips, too.

Parsvottanasana: I brought me deeper into the position while taking the hands together behind my back and pulling them over the head to the front.

Krounchasana: Before doing this pose I added trianga mukhaikapada paschimottanasana.

Kapotasana is almost nothing, but I don't care as I've just started to perform this asana.

(Sorry, I'm not sure, if I could explain what I mean. )

I was happy that I practiced in silence, so attentive, no wrong ambition.

Vinyasas: I experienced how important the vinyasas are. I also read in the book by Desikachar that it makes sense to do a counterpose after every asana. In the vinyasas are the counterposes: If one does forward bending asanas it is the upwward facing dog, if one does backbending it is downward facing dog and uttanasana. It helps to balance the body again and it is relaxing. Especially when I do backbending I feel that I need a counterpose. I hold these counterposes a few breathes longer than usual.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Multitasking - I can do

After shopping, I practiced. I switched on the TV. They showed the match England: Paraguay.

I rolled out my mat, I practiced the 1st series. In the background I could here a lot of fans motivating me going on and on. Nothing special happened during my practice. My left harmstring hurts and I know that I have to be careful.

I posted a new recipe:

Friday, June 09, 2006

And how about my practice?

Yesterday I didn't practice. It was the day after my Mysore class. My body is always a little bit overstretched in the morning after such an intensive class. I'm at home with new ideas like jumping through with straight legs, but the body is not yet ready to perform it. Yesterday in the evening I felt again so cold that I took a hot bath. This was very relaxing.

This morning I got up too late. I had the appointment with my 2 girlfriends. The best time to practice is really in the morning for me. I'm not too distracted, I'm highly motivated, I'm alone in the morning as my boyfriend leaves our home rather early. During the day I'm obliged to do so many other things, that I often cannot concentrate on doing yoga. I feel busy, I think of all the things that I have to do and so on. Now I feel cold again. Are this all excuses?

I did some postures while watching TV. I sat down in padmasana , I binded marychiasana A. I did paschimottanasana while watching TV and I even tried to force my legs behind my neck. But this is not yoga. This is unconcentrated playing around. I don't know why I do this from time to time. It is better to take the time for a concentrated practice. But yoga is always in my mind. It is present all the time. Sometimes I think I want to add yoga to everything I do. It starts in the morning under the shower when I wash myself between my little toes - I do it in Uttanasana.

I want to practice tomorrow (although it is Saturday). In total I'm glad that my body could recover a little bit. Me too, I noticed that my left harmstring is sore and I felt this for almost 2 weeks, but neglected it. I always want to overlook these "little" injuries. But it is always a sign to be more attentive. It is a sign that the limits must be respected.

When I write all this down, one more time it springs into my eyes that yoga has not only to do with the body, but with the mind. To focus the mind is the real challenge.

Let's have fun with our practice.

Incredible good atmosphere downtown Munich

I just met 2 girlfriends at the Chinesischem Turm in the English Garden in the center of Munich. We ate brezl and had coffee and apple juice there. Finally the sun is shining and it is very good weather. But even better is the atmosphere. So many people from all over the world are here. Men in T-shirts with Costa Rica on it, German flags. Everybody is excited. Many people have painted flags on their faces.

I already bought 4 bottles of beer - 2 non-alcoholic for me, 2 dark Weißbeer for my boyfriend. Yesterday my new TV arrived. The men who brought it smiled: Just on time. Yes - a very good timing.

Everywhere downtown are huge screens. We won't stay at home all the time. But the first match at home is good.

How exciting.

And what has this to do with yoga? It is fun. Fun is yoga. If you have fun you enjoy the present moment. And that's yoga, isn't it?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Wedding - Mysore class

The wedding was great: nice people, good food, Italian life music, beautiful bride, handsome new husband, the sun was shining. As I want to respect the privacy of the newly wed couple, I cannot publish a pic of them. As they are already on the flight to the Seychellen I cannot ask them either. So I decided to publish a picture of my boyfriend and myself.

The day after the wedding I felt depleted. As I've learnt later the restaurant's owner insisted that the waiters always had to fill the glasses with wine. They didn't accept to have the bottles of wine on the table. The consequences were that I drank too much, as my glass of wine was always full. Yesterday I did nothing. I ate good food and took everything easily. I didn't even think of practicing in the morning. I wanted to go to Mysore class in the evening.

Mysore class: I was ready to practice at 7 pm. It was great. The group has an incredible influence on myself. I was concentrated and I got new insights.

Chakrasana: to get up one is supposed to inhale and not to exhale, how I did it so far.

Jumping through: B. showed me how to jump through with straight legs - the next challenge.

Dhanurasana: Ellbows should be closer together.

Janusirsasana B: the foot has to be placed correctly, even if the leg is not able to open very far.

It was so much fun to practice. Body and mind worked together.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tuesday morning practice - wedding

I have still 20 minutes to write a few words:

I was in a hurry this morning. As so often we wanted to get up at 7 o'clock. But then it is so nice in bed and we stay and stay and stay. In the last minute we get up.

I had a huge to-do list for this morning: paying books, bought at eBay, wrapping the present. I'm invited to a wedding today. It starts at 3 o'clock in the church. The bride wanted money, and we will give her money. But it is so unromantic to give money. I found a vegetarian cooking book that we will give as a present as well. I found a very nice poem by Heinrich Heine which I wrote in the book: I try to translate it.

Good advice:

Has your woman given you a too salty soup, restrain your rage and tell her smiling: sweet doll, everything you cook tastes delicious.

Heinrich Heine

Back to my practice. It was not really satisfying. I hadn't high expectations. The atmosphere (mood) was not good. I was cold. I was in a hurry. I put on the CD by Sharath. I switched it off after the standing sequence. I continued with the second series. Then I switched the CD on again for the finishing sequence. Sirsansana was excellent today. I was in my best balance ever. I just stood on my arms and head as if it were nothing. In total I felt stiff, also due to the cold weather.

Then running around. Where are my shoes? Which clothes? As it is cold, I cannot put on my dress. I had to iron the clothes. I wanted to avoid the color white as it is occupied for the bride. Which handbag? Elegant handbags are always too small. Imporant is that I have my lipstick in my bag. Shoes: Do they fit to the outfit? Jewelry? Shall I keep my hair open or bind it together? So many difficult decisions. But I like the result. B. has to take some pictures. In the late evening my boyfriend will join us. I'm very curious about the engaged couple. I guess they will be exiting.

I will pick up B. first. Then we will got together to the church. There we will meet the engaged couple and other guests. I have to go. I'm in a hurry.

Monday, June 05, 2006

no practice so far

I didn't sleep well this night. Don't know why. I got up late. I feel cold.

I can't stand the weather any more. We were out for a cup of coffee this afternoon and I had to put on my winter coat. But I remember a conversation with a former collegue: children don't care about the weather. They always want to play, no matter if it is cold, rainy, sunny, hot, stormy, dry and so on. I already suspected it: the weather is innocent.

I just read the entry of Matrika on the conference with P. Jois in Mysore. Very interesting. She mentioned, what I experience more and more as true: Not the body sets the limits, but the mind.

The execution of an asana shows how you were able to discipline the mind in the past and now.

Perhaps I can still do a few asanas (despite of the weather), not the entire series, but a few favourite asanas like padangusthasana , ..... perhaps.

It is Monday

I just thought it might be good to start Monday with flowers. Hopefully the sun will shine this week.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Yama or my vegan life

I try to avoid animal products for ethical reasons. It is my way to respect the live of the animals. It is one way one can practice non-violance. In conversations, when it comes to food and I mention that I don't eat animal products (not only no meat, but also no eggs and so forth), I often get the question: What the hell do you eat then?

Here is the answer: .

I always wanted to write my own cooking book. I have so many cooking books, but when I need a special recipe I do not find it. In the most cooking books are perhaps 2 or 3 recipes that I like. In my own cooking book I like every single meal and it is tested. That is a good reason to write it. To have readers is even more motivating.

I do not give very precise directions of the quantities as it is an international blog and there are too many measurements in the world. Please comment if my directions are precise enough or if you'd like them more precise. Thanks.

Sunday morning - 2nd Ashtanga series

I practiced this morning. It was quiete. I practiced according to my own rhythm. All the doors were open, my boyfriend was still in bed and I didn't want to wake him up, that's why I didn't use a CD. I started sitting down (half lotus), counting my breathe: 123 123 123 123. After a while I got bored, then I started with the surya namaskaras.

It was not easy today. It is still cold and rainy here in Germany. I put off my woolen socks to be barfoot. But I wore a woolen jacket when I started, and I could only take it off after prasarita padottanasana. Then I felt warm. I was stiff today, because I hadn't practiced for 2 days. I didn't move a lot yesterday either.

I don't know how to approach Laghuvajrasana and Kapotasana. I went back as far as I could, but this was not far. I think I have to start loving these poses in order to make progress. Once I read: Do it badly, till it gets better. I think this is the only solution. It might take years. No illussions. I also tried to lay down on the floor my legs showing backwards and then I tried to push me up like in Dhanurasana. But with the legs showing backwards I had no success to lift my body up from the floor.

In supta vajrasana it is only possible for me to bind. I cannot go back. It is demanding already to stay in this position for a while.

After eka pada sirsasana A I stopped. I went to the finishing sequence.

I practiced, that's something. I've already plans for tomorrow. 1st series in the morning is on my schedule.

Like a BMW

When I drive my boyfriend's BMW I'm not in a fracture of a second from 0 to 100. Firstly I put in the 1st gear, after a while the second gear, then the 3rd gear. Only on fast roads I use the 4th gear. And on the autobahn I can hear my boyfriend saying: "Do you know that we have a 5th gear, too?!"

So it is when I practice. I remember a time where I was really unhappy when I couldn't touch the floor with my flat hands during the very first surya namaskara A. My attitude has changed. I'm happy when I have started my practice. Only my fingertips are able to reach the floor, when I do the first surya namaskara A. The second surya is already a little bit better and the 3rd surya is even more better and so on. But it can happen that I won't be able to touch the floor with my flat hands after all the 10 suryas. I can accept this, too. I'm sure after the practice this is possible. That's fine.

If a car needs some time to get from 0 to 100, I have to give this time to my body, too. Point.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Saturday - a day off?

According to the Ashtanga system, Saturday is a day without practice. I wanted to celebrate it. I already saw me sitting here in my apartment, enjoying myself just relaxing. Now the situation has changed as I didn't practice yesterday due to the weather (Ha Ha). It was too cold, 4 degree. My idea was that I had practiced every day and on Saturday I would relax. I could enjoy my succesful week. But what to do when I'm already relaxed. I already feel that I like to practice.

Fact is I got up rather late and now it is already lunch time. I have to go shopping today. On Monday shops will be closed and we need something to eat. We also wanted to buy a television. Since 6 months we don't have a TV anymore. The old one broke down. We used the newly won time for better activities than bad movies. But next week the soccer worldchampionship starts. You understand, we need a new TV. Many, many cafes have large screens especially for this event. But I don't want to go out all the time. I also want to listen to the comments after the match. That is not possible if you watch in a group of fans. I want to sit on my sofa, sometimes with a bottle of beer on my right side. I also want to enjoy the exciting serious faces of the players when they listen to the hymne, some might even sing. What for an event.

This is also a warning: I'm going to bother you from time to time with soccer gossip for the following weeks. It is a huge event here in Germany now. That is it about what we talk now, newspapers are full of it. Next Friday will be the opening match here in Munich in the new arena which was especially built for this event: So, Costa Rica : Germany next Thursday. How exciting.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Coffee break

It was too cold to sit outside. Usually it is impossible to get a seat at Sarclettis, neither outside nor inside. They offer vegan ice-cream with vegan cream here. That's what I call "up to date".

A bad excuse for not practicing this morning

I felt cold. It is so cold here. I wanted to turn on the heater, but it is sommer time and the heater is not working anymore. A nightmare.

Instead I worked on my project: to organise my bookshelf. Have you ever dedusted a bookshelf? Another nightmare. I'm glad that I find a lot of books that I will sell on Ebay or which I will throw away. It is too much what I have. Yesterday I had the inspiration that all this stuff that I have can be a reason why I have difficulties to concentrate when I practice Ashtanga at home.

What exactly do I do: I dedust every single book. They are standing in 2 rows on the bookshelf. I have to take it from the shelf, I have to go to the balcony in order to clean it there, otherwise the dust would remain in that room. Then I write the author and the titel of the book in a blog, so that I know what I have. But I'm always looking for books that I can throw away. I need room to breathe.

The idee is, that I first read a book of course, then I write a summary of this book in a blog and then I give it away (as a present or at eBay). Only those which I will read several times should stay with me.

I hope that a more organised home will help me to concentrate.

At 3 o'clock I will meet a girl-friend in a cafe. I'm looking forward to seeing her. A nice distraction.

And perhaps afterwards I will be in the mood and warmer to pick me up to practice. The day is not yet over at 2:00 p.m.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Yoga CDs - Bookshelf or eBay?

My CDs:

1. Evans, Edwin Gomer - Zen, Einmalige Meditationsmusik
2. Freeman, Richard - Yoga Chants
3. Gannon, Sharon - Balancing, Jivamukti Yoga Class
4. Gannon, Sharon - Strength and flexibility - Jivamukti Yoga Class
5. Krause, Thomas - Hatha Yoga
6. Life, David - Basic Class - Jivamukti Yoga Class
7. Life, David - Backbending, Jivamukti Yoga Class
8. OK Media Disc Service - Body wisdom Yoga, an indroduction on the system of BKS Iyengar
9. OK Media Disc Service - Körperintelligenz 2, dynamischer Yoga nach der Iyengar-Methode
10. Ostrau, Jan - Mantras, Heilige Laute der Kraft
11. Sharath, R. - Ashtanga Yoga Class, Primary Series
12. Shiva Rea - The Heart of Yoga
13. Suzuki, Shunryu - Zen-Geist, Anfänger-Geist
14. Swami Janakananda - Yoga Nidra
15. Swenson, David - Yoga Short Forms
16. Swenson, David - Ashtanga Yoga, Second Series
17. Thich Nhat Hanh - The art of mindful living

Oh, so many good yoga CDs. What a surprise.

My Yoga DVDs - Bookshelf or eBay?

The DVDs:

1. Alfuß, Susanne - Ashtanga-Yoga
2. Fawer, Melanie - Mysore style astanga yoga
3. Freeman, Richard - The Ashtanga Yoga collection
4. Gannon, Sharon - Balancing, Jivamukti yoga class
5. Halliwell, Geri and Appleton, Katy - Geri body yoga and geri yoga
6. Karven, Ursula - Power Yoga
7. Life, David - Backbending, Jivamukti yoga class
8. Robertson, William and Purnell, Annabelle - Beyond dynamic yoga, the power of ashtanga
9. Sharat, R. - Ashtanga yoga primary series

I will keep the bolded ones. The other ones I will watch one more time, or even the first time, like in the case of the DVD by Geri Halliwell. Then I will decide what to do: Back to the shelf or Ebay.


Arrived. This is the street, where I practice almost every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.

The apartment of our teacher is in the house before the last house. The room is in the same row like that balcony. One windowsill is a little bit greyer. There are the little flags and behind this window we are on our way to enlightenment.

What a contrast. The dirty busy world outside and a little paradise in the third floor (second floor for Europeans). A few steps and a totally different world awaits the aspirants.

On ambition

I think I am very ambitious. Ambitious people feel attracted by Ashtanga, because it is so demanding.

When I see other ambitious yogis I see the disadvantages of being too ambitious.

- no smile
- the body is forced into a position
- jalousy on what others can do
- the desire to do postures which are definitely too difficult for the level the student has reached.
- a real ambitious yogi does not say stop even if the adjustment hurts so much that the body cramps
- injuries are "welcomed" as it is a sign how intensive the practice was.
- no breaks, no savasana
-dissatisfaction with the own practice and the level one has already reached

I think one has to go the extra mile if one wants to be better than average.

But often I think a more playful attitude would be better. With a playful attitude I'm sure progress comes as well.

Sometimes I think of the Brasilian soccer teams: They show passion, fun and they are excellent.

To smile during practice (even if it is only a hint of a smile) might be a secret to shift from ambitious attitude to fun attitude. Oh, how difficult.

I felt better than I thought I would

....and this had consequences: I practiced this morning. I practiced after reading my Emails, but before breakfast.

I started slowly. At first I only wanted to find out how my body feels, if the harmstrings hurt or some other part of the body. It was too good yesterday. But everything was OK.

So I went on. Surya Namaskara A,B, standing positions and then second series. I approach the asanas of this series very slowly. But I feel that it is good for my body to do backbendings as well. After ustrasana I left out the vinyasas. Fine. Then closing sequence. I had music in the background. This helped. It is easier for me to focus with music than with nothing else than me.

To develop a satisfying home practice is really a challenge.

Perhaps I felt so good, because I got up after 7 hours and something of sleeping and not after 9 hours. The longer one sleeps, the stiffer the body is my experience.