Sunday, May 21, 2006

Yoga studies - how much yoga is enough

A few days ago I read again in the book "The Heart of Yoga - Developing a personal practice" by Desikachar. It is a book full of wisdom.

Sometimes I ask myself the question: how much time shall I give to my yoga practice? Sometimes I think I don't have time for other activities, because when I start other activities as well, I won't have time enough for yoga practice any more. And yoga became a real passion for me.

I found some answers in Chapter 2: "Yoga is not passive. We have to participate in life." (page 14)

"Practicing pranayama and asanas, keeping oneself healthy, and reflecting on oneself do not constitute all our actions. We also have to pursue our career, gain knowledge, and do everything else that is part of normal life. All these things should be done as well as possible. Yet we can never be sure of the fruit of our actions. That is why it is better to become slightly detached from our expectations and to pay more attention to the actions themselves. .......If we are healthy, know more about ourselves, and improve the quality of our actions, it is likely that we will make fewer mistakes." (page 13 ff).

I think it is best to let this quotation speak by itself. I have nothing to add anymore.

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Sergio said...

I love Desikachar's book and recommend it to anybody wanting to know about the spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga. His examples make everything seem simple, yet still emphasise the depth of the concepts.