Monday, May 15, 2006

Still injured and suffering

I'm rather happy that I slept well. I took a painkiller before sleeping. Half an hour ago I took another one. I can't stand the pain. As soon as I was awake the pain started again. I could hardly open my mouth while I was eating my breakfast (apple and sojayofu with raisins).

I thought that it would be a good idea to call the yoga teacher to give her a feed-back. I only wanted to tell her that it makes sense to warn Bikram beginners to pay attention and not to give too much effort in the exercises. Very soon the conversation turned into a quarrel. I don't want to repeat the details. If she were a professional teacher she would have listened carefully. That could have helped her in her business. But she only wanted to justify what she was doing and attacked me. I regret calling her.

During the telephone call it came out that another women left the room before the end of that Bikram hour. We were only about 6 women.

S. had consoling words for me also. She felt neck pain only on Friday and not as strong as I. On Sunday she could do Ashtanga Yoga again.

She advised me just to take it as an experience.

I want to add: one thing I've learned. If there is something new, I have to be even more carefully.

Oh, my painkiller starts working. If I only knew how long I will be suffering.

I intend to meditate, as I can sit and I can breathe.


Sergio said...

That teacher should have warned you to take it easy on your first day. And she should have admitted that she didn't do that. But she chose to start argument just because you called her to say you had pain. How non-yogic. How stupid.

Sue said...

Pity that she couldn't see constructive criticism. To me, her defensiveness about the situation shows her inexperience and unprofessionalism. Rather sad, breaks my heart when people act like that.

Thanks for sharing your Bikram experience with us. I hope you didn't let her get to you, negative energy like that can hinder healing.

More rest. More warm baths. Feel better soon.