Friday, May 19, 2006

A painkiller is better than 3 glasses of read wine

Yesterday at about 6:00 p.m. I put on my washed-out jeans, my black blouse and my black jacket. I left home very soon and headed for the metro. I got in and I saw all these frustrated faces. I thought, what would all the visiters, who will come to the Soccer Champions Leage think, when they see all these frustrated faces. Perhaps twenty percent are already foreigners, but they adopted it really fast and consequently to look so frustrated as we Germans do. Me included. I think I will start smiling..... from tomorrow on.

I got off the metro after 2 stations. I picked up B. at her office about 2 minutes walking distance from the station. It started raining a little bit. B. was dressed in light blue jeans, a bright green Tee-shirt, a green woolen jacket, which was binded in the middle of her belly. She wore a bright green leather jacket on top, also in the same nice color. And her handbag was bright green as well. She looked very beautifully with her long brown hair, which was open and laid on her shoulder.

We left the office. The restaurant was round the corner, B. had made a reservation. When we arrived it was already rather crowded there. We got 2 seats on a table where already 2 women and 1 man were placed. But this is normal here in Germany.

B. ordered a pizza with pepperoni, I ordered penne al'arrabiata with half a bottle of red wine. We talked about my neck, her trip to Berlin, her nephew, collegues, India, weddings, marriages, money, jobs, children, her French cooking class, yoga, ballet, her boyfriend, hairy men, parents, the funeral of my grandma, my brother, her brother and his wife, Peru. We only missed to talk about cars and the Catholic Church. We had another bottle of red wine, ähhh medicine. At the end of the evening she invited me. I thanked her for her generosity and we left the restaurant at about midnight. B. could stay in Munich at a hotel. She lives outside of Munich, but sometimes she can stay. I went to my home.

At home I did my evening routine, that means I checked my Emails, brushed my teeth and so on. Finally I was in bed. My neck hurt awfully. I tried to lay down on the right side, pain, I changed sides, pain, I laid my head down on two cushions, pain, I laid flat on my matress, pain. I tried each position again. I tried to concentrate on my breathe. Pain. Finally I got up. Drunk as I was I found the kitchen, I opened the drawer above the refrigerater. I took the yellow box and opened it. On top was the little box with a tooth painted on it. My painkillers. I filled a glas of water and gulped down one of these huge pills. I carefully put back the yellow box and went to bed. Now I only had to wait. Yes, I slept well.

How could I think that alcohool would help?????

I feel better than the day before now. I can move my head a little bit more. I'm a little bit more optimistic that I will be able to return to a good Ashtanga practice.

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