Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Now I know when to practice which series

Thanks to Julies book recommendation "Ashtanga Yoga as it is" by Matthew Sweeney in one of her posts, I know now that there is each Ashtanga sequence attached to a specific day.

In my case (as I'm only doing primary and intermediate series) this means:

Monday: 1st series
Tuesday: 2nd series
Wednesday: 1st series
Thursday: 2nd series
Friday: 1st series
Saturday: break
Sunday: 2nd series

The goal is on Mo Advanced A, Tue Advanced B, Wed Advanced C, Thu Advanced D, Friday primary series, Saturday break, Sunday intermediate series.

And now it is also clear what is the best time for sex. It is on Friday evening, because there is a break on Saturday. This ensures that your sexual activities won't influence your practice in a bad way. Oh, I like this book very much.

It is something for hardcore Ashtanga practitioners.

It is my favourite Ashtanga book now. In addition Matthew is a very good-looking man.


Sergio said...

Where did you get the book? Did you buy it via internet? How about the instructions? Are they good? Does he offer modifications?

Too many questions, as always!

Ursula said...

I got the book online at I highly recommend it. Every 6 series are shown in pictures, but no modifications.

reena said...

Matthew is indeed a very good looking man! I did a workshop with him recently in london and he seemed also a very sweet man! I am awaiting my book - oh what pleasure!

liz said...

Strange recommendations for a mysore style book. Why the second on some days and first on others? Guruji doesn't teach it this way at all (save the friday 1st series only)

Sue said...

Matthew's photos are some of the best around. I got my copy of the book (and primary series poster) directly from his web site:

sergio: got the book from bought it via internet after emailing Matthew. There are no instructions for asanas and no modifications.

He does provide a lot of other information like what to do during injuries (which I found super useful) and about the philosophical aspects of practice. The Advanced A & B asanas and vinyasa photos make up for the lack of instruction. Here's a review: Astanga Yoga As It Is Review.