Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mysore Style class

I just came home from class. We were 5 women and 1 tall man. The man and one woman were beginners, they did not yet know the surya namaskaras. If there are too many beginners class is more restless. Beginners need more verbal explanations. On the other side it is exciting to meet new people.

But I had insights today as well. I exhale much longer than I inhale. I think this is something very profound. In German the word inhale and exhale has 3 syllables. To say it mentally should help to make the inhale and the exhale the same length. I will concentrate on it.

I was helped in Supta Kurmasana. This posture is a mountain.

My teacher told me that she wants to help me with Dhanurasana next time. I fear the worst. This might mean that I shall get up from dhanurasana into standing position and to get down from samastithi. This is a challenge.

I don't know when and why it happened, but I'm sure that I'm again a little bit overstretched. I will see what I can do tomorrow morning.

I am drinking a hot cup of tea now. I'm happy that I practiced.


liz said...

Why do you think you are overstreched? I remember my first year of ashtanga and I often got such sore hamstrings that I would have to sit on a pillow!!!

Standing up from backbends is so fun. You just, one day, will figure out how to do it and then you will love it

Ursula said...

What hurts is the back of my legs from the knee upwards. It is more in the middle of the legs. I hope that this will disappear soon.

Thank you for encouraging me regarding the backbands.