Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday morning practice

It was rather lunch time when I practiced. I was so afraid that my body was not willing to move. 3 days I've had no practice at all. But despite of this break I had a very good practice today. I can never predict how it will be. My body was relaxed. There were no overstretched harmstrings. I have lost weight as well, which might have influenced the practice as well. I did it without a CD. I didn't omit a posture, except the vinyasas. It felt so good. I am very motivated to go on tomorrow. On my plan for tomorrow is second series. When I write this I notice that I like the first series more, because I became already more familiar with it. But I don't want to neglect the backbendings as well.

I fell so good, that I plan another yoga session this evening. Free style. A session with favourite asanas like utanasana and asanas I want to improve like Supta Kurmasana.

Now my boyfriend is ill. He suffers a lot, like I did. Now I'm sure that I didn't exaggerate. It was a very painful caugh with fever. I'm not yet fully recovered, but I feel already very well.

I made a salad with cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, pepper, carrot today. I made a sauce with olive oil (from my trip to Italy), estragon vinegar, salt, pepper, mustard. There is nothing left now. I hope that this raw food will help us to recover quickly.

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