Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Led class - Mysore style classes - practice alone

1. At first one has to go to classes with a teacher who tells you what to do. Of course. In the biginning one knows nothing. Some yoga styles stop here. In Ashtanga this form of teaching is known as led class. But Ashtanga has more to offer.

2. In Ashtanga there is Mysore Style class the next level. A group practice together, each yogi practices one of the Ashtanga series according to the individual speed. The teacher is there for the adjustments.

3. Third level: practice alone. Much more self-discipline is needed, more enthusiasm, more self-control, more energy.

I'm struggeling with the third level most. Yeah, I am struggeling with the other levels, too, but most challenging is the third level. That's why I need CDs/DVDs, while I practice at home. It is so difficult to be alone and to stay motivated. But now I know that it is also another challenge to practice alone. To develop self-discipline is like learning a demanding asana.

And how is it in the real life?

1. At first you go to school. In companies you are told what to do.
2. With experience you work also on your own, in a team, but with your own tasks that you perpaps even define and perform on your own.
3. Is it the third level to work independantly? I want to be independant here too. It is a level which gives me a lot to think about. But I will give it a try. I want to create more and more my own lifestyle.

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Yogamum said...

I hear you! Independent practice is difficult. Can't tell you how many times I've skipped poses, given up... Having other people around keeps me honest, yet I feel that there is a lot of depth and focus to be found in self-practice.