Friday, May 26, 2006

It is so cold

It is so cold here, that I'm not able to practice Ashtanga. I sit here in half lotus in order to warm my feet. I've put on a black blouse, a white woolen jacket and above all I've put on a black jacket. My washed-out jeans are winter jeans. I miss my winter coat. I feel so cold. The heater is out and we didn't manage to get it on, because it is programmed "summer time". So we are sitting here, my boyfriend is covered with a blanket and we are waiting for coffee time. There are so many cakes left from yesterday. We have to do our best to eat as much as possible.

For tomorrow we planned a trip to Berlin. I used to live there for about 13 years. I've still friends there. And perhaps I can do both - seeing friends and going to a yoga studio.

I miss my room where I can practice on my own.

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