Monday, May 22, 2006

I practiced

It was the second night without a painkiller. I could even hug my boyfriend during the night and this means that I have to turn my head to one of the sides. But the pain is not yet over.

But my mind is already active. As soon as I am able to practice I can here a little voice that tells me to postpone my Ashtanga practice. And I even listen to that voice. So it came that I practiced some time after the breakfast and not before. I think my mind needs much more attention than my body. How to treat my whimsical mind?

But I practiced as you can see from the title. I took care of myself. I listened to my body. When I felt pain I adjusted the pose so that I had no pain. I omitted the postures with pressure on the neck like Setu Bandhasana, Mayurasana, Dhanurasana. And I omitted too many vinyasas. As soon as I had started I was very concentrated. I had no music, no CD or DVD in the background. Only me, the breathe and my pink mat existed for me for a while. To make the inhalation equally long as the exhalation is a real challenge. But I had highlights as well. I could slightly touch my fingers in Supta Kurmasana. I feel better and better in every single asana. I have the feeling that my head gets closer and closer to the floor in Upavishta Konasana. What else can I want?

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