Friday, May 12, 2006

How to learn a new asana

1. A teacher can show me a new posture and can give adjustments.
2. I can get infos from other yogis of the community (, ezboard)
3. I can do the new posture more often than the other postures.
4. The positive attitude can help. Patience, the optimism that it is doable.
5. Visualization can help. I can imagine that I'm already in that posture.
6. I can read books and watch videos in order to copy what I see.
7. And again: practice, practice.
8. I can make a new posture to a favourite posture.
9. To blog helps to stay motivated.
10. I can hold the posture longer as usual (10 breathes?) so that the body can relax and can get used to it.

What else can be helpful?


yoga chickie said...

If you're doing all those Advanced series...then you should be telling ME how to learn a new posture!!! :)

Tiffersll said...

Don't think about it, experience the moment.