Saturday, May 13, 2006

Godfrey Devereux

I went to a workshop by Godfrey Devereux this morning. It was a workshop more about awareness. We did a few sun salutations. Then we laid down on the back for awareness exercises.

I think I can remember some catchwords.

Grounding - broadening - lengthening. This in mind we did some sun salutations. Lengthening is important, it is not important to go down, because the gravity works anyway.

Inhaling: The order is important. Lengthening and then broadening. The front and the back should remain equal. It is not recommended to broaden the front of the body and to let collapse the back.

We talked about Moola Bandha as well. The muscle around the anus and the ground of the pelvis can be separated. It is even the goal to separate it. To learn it takes about 20 hours.

Minimum effort and maximum achievement. That's another goal. Sounds good.

I think I've forgotten the rest of the workshop. It is also difficult to reproduce these subtle differences.

The room was a little bit cold. We were 14 people. Some took a blanket to cover their bodies, while Godfrey was explaining Moola Bandha, inhaling, consciousness and so on.

For me it was also an English lesson: comprehension.

The workshop still goes on today and tomorrow. But I had enough.

Still one point as I just took his book Dynamic Yoga in my hands. It has a lot of pictures of Devereux in it. You can see how concentrated he is. Now he has a little belly and he has cut his hair. His beard was about 3 days old this morning. I just read "About the author". He began his practice of Hatha Yoga in 1973. He is studying Zen as well. He has a yoga training center in Spain, Ibiza. I like the book because of the pictures. He seems to take yoga rather seriously. The poses are very perfect and it is written when to inhale, when to exhale.

For more information:

I only hope that my sore neck lets me practice tomorrow - 2nd series Ashtanga.

Here is his book.

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