Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The first day without a painkiller

It was my first day where I didn't take a painkiller and it is almost 7 p.m. now here in Germany.

I could only do basic tasks: to have a shower, washing my hair, to comb my long blond hair was a challenge. I bought food, made my bed, did the dishes. And during the afternoon I took a nap in order to make the time go by. That was it.

But no painkiller today. This means that I could stand the pain today. I've still pain all the time. I think I was seriously injured. I still can't turn my head. To think of practicing yoga makes me laugh. It takes another few days till I will be recovered.

How I wish I could practice.


Sara said...

Ack! Ursula, that's horrible! I've done that Bikram exercise before and didn't like it. Do you know exactly what it is about it that hurt your neck? I completely identify with not being able to practice because of an injury. I hurt my back so badly last year I was out for months. Wishing you a quick recovery...

Ursula said...

Thanky you, Sara. I think it was muscle stiffness and overstretching of the ligaments. This morning I had the feeling that I made a larger step in the direction of recovery. But I still have to be patient.