Thursday, May 11, 2006


Headstand: Yesterday I met one of the women in front of the door of our studio. She told me that she would try one more time headstand and then she would give it up. Of course this is a sentence one should not say. I told her that there were two crucial points with headstand.

- the elbows should be rather close together
- it's helpful to be more on the forehead. This helped me so much to be longer in headstand. Yes, for years I was in headstand, but it was so exhausting that I couldn't hold this position very long. To be more on my forehead helped me to stay longer and to relax in that position.

This woman wanted to try headstand the last time. I observed her when it came to headstand. She went into headstand and she remained there. Our teacher came to her, she knew how much this woman was struggeling with this position. She was blowing to her legs, pretending to bring her out of headstand. But this was not possible. The woman still was in headstand. I'm sure that she has changed her mind yesterday. This was not her last headstand in her life.

Sometimes it is only a small hint, a small alteration and you can see the world from a total different perspective, from upside down.

To myself: Never say this is not possible. This is essential for my other activities in life. Success can come very fast from one second to the other.


Debb said...

I still struggle with headstand.. urgghh.. What my yoga teacher has said to me is "Never say "I can't do this", instead say "I can't do this YET" that leaves a possibility, yes, all asanas are possible with practice.


Ursula said...

Dearest Debra, you are able to do headstand. I know this. I know this. Yes, simply think you can do this and you are up.......:)