Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Difficult asanas?

I don't want to divide asanas in difficult asanas and easy asanas any more. When I started primary series this led to omitting the difficult asanas. I practiced them less and as a result they became even more difficult.

Now I work on the second series as well. Supta Vajrasana is such an asana, that I do not like especially. I abserved myself already to omit it. But I did it today. I used my elbows to get back. I couldn't bind but this doesn't matter. Important is I did it. And I intend not to label it as difficult. It is another task in my life, no more. And a task that I gave myself.

My practice was very good. It was not a morning practice, it was around lunch time and I've already had breakfast. I started with the CD by Sharath. I sweated so much. I did the main part on my own. For the finishing sequence I started the CD again.

Baddha Padmasana was good. This was also such an asana where I thought that it won't be possible for me to do it. My excuse: My arms are not long enough. Now I'm able to hold my big toes on both sides. There is always room for an improvement. But that's not the point. There is progress.

I was in headstand for 15 breathes and I held it for another 8 breathes with half-bended legs.

Chakrasana was very good as well. I could hold my leg straight.

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