Friday, May 12, 2006

Bikram Yoga

A new Bikram yoga studio has opened the doors here. Of course I wanted to go to see how it is. Yesterday I went with S. to a class.

The studio is very beautiful. And what I liked very much there was a corner where people could sit, relax and talk. Later it turned out that this corner is absolutely necessary. Apples were on the table. Journals to read were under the table. I liked the style of the studio very much.

Bikram yoga is an experience. It is difficult to describe how it is to practice in a room with 100 degrees F. (37 Celsius). The 26 postures are doable, but in that hot room it was so exhausting. I thought I wouldn't survive. The teacher gave rare adjustments. In the room were mirrors everywhere. We should correct ourselves through checking our postures in the mirror. I always saw my totally red face. S. told me afterwards if I had seen how I looked like. I looked as if this was my last hour in my life. Ambitious as I am I continued and I gave my very best as usual. A part of me is narcistic as well, but I'm not convinced if I like to see me all the time in a mirror.

The teacher led us through the class of course. The teacher is a very nice, friendly, beautiful woman. How she led us through the class was a bit of a sports training: 10, 9, 8 hold. and so on. She had to speak loudly because there was noise from the heater as well. I could do the postures very well. My body was very soft due to the heat. Prasarita Padottanasana was so good, I never before could go so far with a totally even back. I sweated as well like I've never done in my life, not even in the sauna.

Between the last asanas one could relax in savasana. The feet should turn to the wall behind us. We had to turn around. Then we had to look to the other wall again to perform the next asanas or the repetition. I experienced it like an interuption. I was out of the flow.

I think Bikram Yoga is lifestyle. Target group: young people who like to sweat. Funny is that I was in the beergarden with collegues of my boyfriend in the evening. One of the guys likes Bikram Yoga very much.

For me it was an experience, I don't want to miss. But for me once is enough. I was curious how I would feel today. I feel great. Really. My body is relaxed. It was good for me. But in total it is soulless yoga.

I prefer to go to a sauna.

For those who like to test it: Bring a towel with you. You need a shower afterwards. And it is good to have a bottle of water with you. You can drink during practice. There are little breaks for that.

I wish the owner of this studio all the best. I'm sure Bikram yoga has it's fans as well. I like the variety in town.

I'm looking forward to Devereux, who will be in town tomorrow. Of course I will go to his workshop.


Tiffersll said...

Bikram is like a gym class, it's like going to spin or kickboxing...there is not spirituality involved - which is good for people like my mom, who think it's all a bunch of mumbo jumbo anyway.

But it's like I always say, and I used to practice it 3-4 times a week: take away the heat and you haven't got a class.

brad said...

I went to Bikram for the first time two days ago. Yesterday I felt pretty good, limber and relaxed, but last night and today I have felt so ill: fever, chills, aching legs. It's been a pretty wild experience. I look forward to going back to my more spiritual vinyasa/ashtanga practice, but if I get well in the next couple of days I'll try bikram again. Perhaps the intense practice and heat let me go deeper and release something.

Stu R. said...

Bikram Yoga is Advanced Medicine for the human body. The heat is required to get into the poses. It's intense and it requires that you find a good teacher. You are your best teacher. The teachers go through a 9 week course. You cannot master something in 9 weeks. If your in seattle here is a good school: Stu R.

emily said...

I too felt awful after my second class for a few days. It was my body releasing tons of toxins kept inside. It was the Bikram that got them out. Just keep doing it and you'll be amazed at how amazing you can feel. As for the spirituality comment, you have to really look inside yourself to be able to hold some of the postures. The stillness and peace it takes to achieve that can be more spiritual than anything else. Just try it!

Tamara said...

Bikram yoga is great for the person who has to sweat a lot in order to feel like she got a work out. It sounds like you would benefit from a more traditional form of yoga that involves more of a mind-body connection such as: Hatha or Vinyassa Flow. If you benefit from those, you might want to try Ashtanga or Forrest yoga. If you would like more information on different types of yoga here is a great source:

shaheel said...

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