Sunday, May 14, 2006

Bikram Yoga aftermath

No, I won't make someone else responsible for my neck pain. It was my fault. I should have known better. I was too ambitious. My neck problems come from the first pranayama exercise of that Bikram series. One has to force the head back with the elbows in order to breath deeply. This exercise was repeated 10 times and then again 10 times. There is always a second set. This was too much. My body was not familiar with this movement either.

Fact is I cannot move anymore. I cry when I make a wrong movement. Every movement is a wrong movement. I cannot lay on my back either. There is no position where I am without pain. This morning I had difficulties to lift my cup of coffee in order to drink. To sip from my cup of coffee was almost impossible as well, because I had to bend my head slightly backwards. I often shout: Aua , Aua. I don't know what to do taday. I can only sit and this hurts, too. What a nightmare. In the heat I didn't feel my limits. I went behind my limits because my body couldn't give me signs that it was too much.

When we went to the Bikram class the owner of the studio was very busy to have us sign a piece of paper, that we are responible for ourselves. I had to cross out that I had been at a doctor before class.

We had to follow exactly what the teacher wanted us to do. Again this was my fault. I should have been much more carefully.

Perhaps I should take a bath this evening. I'm not sure if this will help.

What annoys me most is that I'm not able to practice Ashtanga today.


Sue said...

Oh no! My sympathies :(

I have just hurt my left wrist opening a jar of pasta sauce. Obviously, it's not as bad as a injured neck, but I know the feeling of not being able to practice because of it.

Best wishes on getting better soon! Rest, ice and a soothing bath with lavendar might help.

Ursula said...

All the best to you as well and thank you for your hints. I'm sure I will find myself in a hot bath this evening.

samasthiti said...

Hey Ursula, hope your neck is better soon!
My teacher is also a licensed massage practitioner, and she sees a lot of Bikram students. She says they just don't feel their bodies limits in the heat, and they come in with assorted problems...

samasthiti said...

Here's a moon day set up if you have ical on your's an ashtangi moon calendar

Ursula said...

Hi Susan, Thank you for your hints (calender) and comments. I think I can't stand the pain anymore. This afternoon I had a glass of red wine to knock out the pain, unfortunately with little success. Now I'm going to try the hot bath. The pain is almost unbearable. I write this in order to warn others. Bikram stuff (it isn't yoga) is a rather dangerous stuff in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Bikram yoga is not dangerous as long as you go in well hydrated before class during class and after class. My neck and back problems felt a little worse at the beginning and have almost completely subsided since doing bikram. You know your own limits, as long as you dont push yourself beyond themyou will be fine. Any kind og exercise including bikram can hurt you if you begin too vigoriosly. Moderation is key to everything.