Thursday, May 25, 2006

At my parent's home

Yesterday in the evening we (my boyfriend and me)drove to my parents home by car.It was an almost 3 hours drive. We arrived rather late in B., had dinner, chatted with my parents and watched TV. At about 11 p.m. we went to bed. It had been a long day and we were tired.

This morning I practiced in the living room of my parents. It was after breakfast. My mother had pampered me with home-made strawberry jam, very good German bread and hot black coffee. I chatted with my parents but after some time I practiced. My boyfriend was still in bed as he is used to sleep very long.

I can do more and more asanas. I even did Setu Bandhasana and Dharunasana. To turn the head fully will take some more time. During practice I chatted from time to time with my parents and my boyfriend, who finally had managed to get up. We talked about Ebay and other things. Was it really yoga that I did? I think it was more a form of gym. My concentration was divided. But what I did was good for my body. My boyfriend checked my Sirsasana. In total I was happy that I practiced.

After a very good lunch, that my mother had prepared, we jumped again into the car. We had to drive about 4 hours. Now we are in the north of Germany. It was G.'s birthday today. A lot of neighbours came and it was funny. Of course I ate too much of all what was offered.

I want to practice tomorrow.

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Sergio said...

I LOVE German bread. I bought a loaf of spelt German bread today and it's really tasty. My favourite is pumpernickel - yummy!