Thursday, July 30, 2015

Urdhva dhanurasana

10 years of exercising this pose and I cannot reach my heels with my hands. A shock. 

PS: Yoginis exercise contentment.
PPS: Who is breathing so unevenly?

Enough feedback and work to do. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Urdhva dhanurasana - dropping back

This video gives me feed-back. First: it's amazing what is possible on not so good days. Second: The upper body needs stretching.... 

I thought that my feet would move to the side, but they only lift up a bit. 

When I lose control about the movement I'm still so high. This is why it's so difficult to come up from this pose. I remember how difficult it was to have the courage to drop back. I'm so glad that I'm able to work on improving this challenging asana. 

A sleepless night

I have a sleepless night behind me. That is in the morning I slept. The alarm clock was ignored till E woke me up. I switched off this awful sound. First thought when I finally opened my eyes: how is my back. It's good when I move. To bend forward is painful, but this pain disappears when I stand it for a while and when I move slowly.

A home practice is on the schedule.

Attitude: Curiosity. I wonder what is possible. What happens also shall happen. Learning and progress is not linear. It's spiced up with ups and downs. Only the breath remains even: inhaling, pause, exhaling, pause...........

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Not painfree, but.....

I practiced at home. Slowly. Attentive. Always ready to switch to a short closing sequence.

More was possible than expected. I practiced what I usually practice: Half primary and the beginning of second. I stopped after the twists (not after yoga nidrasana). Three times I did urdhva dhanurasana, I didn't drop back.
The closing sequence was very relaxing.

I have the feeling as if the nerve is at a better place again. My diagnosis: It is/was sort of lumbago.

My back feels so good now, that I don't take an Aspirin.
If my back feels so good tomorrow morning, I'll join the Mysore class again.

My concentration improved. Also at home I have intensive focused practices.

There are always obstacles on the path:
Sometimes I'm injured, not necessarily because of THE practice. I'm glad that this is very seldom.
Sometimes I travel and the yoga place is not inviting.
Sometimes I have eaten too much and the extra kilos make the practice difficult.
Sometimes I think I miss something and I don't go to bed...... what ever it might be.......

It's always good and joyful to return to this practice....also when peak performances cannot be expected.

Fingers crossed that I feel excellent tomorrow.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Aspirin, to stand the pain

This morning I practiced at home, primary as it's Frida. I only omitted supta kurmasana. I felt OK when I started. My back pain was almost forgotten. Now it's back. It's so bad that I took an Aspirin already. Something is not at the usual place. During a sweaty practice it's difficult to make out when a movement is not OK.

I sit here and curse and hope that during the next 2 days miracles will happen. Saturday and Sunday I won't practice. On Monday I'll do a modest second series here, means mainly back bending asanas.

It feels like a lumbago. Strange is that pain disappears when I move, when I walk around i.e.

Please, please let this go away.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What to do, what to do?

Also today's practice was painful. Already trikonasana A drew my attention to my  lower right back. After supta vajrasana I switched to the closing sequence. I omitted bakasana, the twists and the leg behind head poses. In general I'd say it's good to move and to practice. Yet in my case I have the feeling the 'injury' gets worse when I practice certain asanas like twists and these leg behind head poses.
When practicing in a group the practice is intensive. I cannot practice with half of my energy. I search the limits and this is perhaps not that good right now.

All back bending asanas seem to be OK. It feels even good to practice them.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday I'll take a break.
I can decide tomorrow morning at 5am what to do.....

We are such a wonderful group of people every morning that I'll miss all the dedicated yogis and yoginis. Time to take a Magnesium. It shall be good for the muscles. Fingers crossed.

Monday, July 20, 2015

There are many kapotasanas

This is raja kapotasana. It comes at the end of Advanced A series. I don't practice it. I took this picture for the July challenge on Instagram. To be honest I get a painful cramp at the back of my upper legs when I try this pose. This is why I leaned my legs on the fence. In the end position one shall rest the head on the sole of the feet. 

This is eka pada raja kapotasana. I use a strap to create a connection between foot and hand. Also this picture is taken for the July challenge. 

I realized that I'm really happy with what is on my plate. To master kapotasana, laghu vajrasana, to stand up from urdhva dhanurasana is enough. I don't feel stopped. I work on the asanas that I'm not yet able to do. I'm not bored either. I have so many ideas that I want to exercise. 

Mysore class:
I went. My back felt excellent this morning. Now it feels lousy again. I don't know why. It became so painful that I couldn't do headstand. It was not possible to get into the pose not even with bent legs. Beside this I had an excellent practice!!! Vinyasas improve. 
Today I sweated so much that I'll bring a towel tomorrow. When my arms are slippery, I cannot even try to jump into bakasana. 

Progress, even the slightest feeling of progress is a huge motivation. 

I'm looking forward to an intensive yoga week. 

Urdhva dhanurasana: 
How to stand up? I read that it could be good to move first on the finger tips. I tried this today, but I couldn't lift my hands. This is now my next step. It should be possible. Perhaps I come up from there. Hope dies last....... (but it dies). (not)