Sunday, April 13, 2014

Three shopping experiences

1. Buying flowers

On Saturdays I usually go to the bakery to get some 'Brötchen' for us. On my way home I pass by a florist. In order to make our home a bit more friendly and lively I entered the shop. I picked individual flowers. It should be a bunch with different flowers, yet all with pastel shades. To give the creation some tension I also picked flowers with  a strong lilac color. The last ones had rather long stems, but this shouldn't be an issue as one can cut them. The sales person took all the flowers that I had chosen and went with them to the room in the back. When she returned all stems were so short. The bunch of flowers looked mingy. I expressed my disappointment. She compared the stems of my flowers with those in the vases. Indeed. She had cut 1 third even from the smallest ones. She wanted to give me a new bunch, yet I didn't like that. Why throwing away these flowers? 

My feeling: this person who bound the bunch was not interested in her job. And I won't buy flowers there anymore. There are other shops here......

2. Getting a jacket repaired.

I had lost a button. Months this jacked was lying on a shelf in the wardrobe to get repaired. I didn't do it. So my conclusion then always is, I have to delegate it. I went to a tailor's shop and asked if they sewed buttons. They did. The lost button was lost, I had no substitute. This was no issue. The woman told me that she had buttons. When I picked up the jacket again she had used the last button as the first button because this one is more oustanding. She used any button as the last one. Yet, the last button is too big for the hole. I cannot close the jacket anymore fully. I realized this at home. After some time I looked at the jacked again and voilà another button fell at the floor. The woman has not checked the other ones. 
Best would have been if she gave me the advice: Buy new buttons and we'll sew it all. Then the jacket looks beautiful again. Point. I would have understoodd that she cannot go shopping for buttons. Of course I could have had this thought, too. 
4 Euro spend for nothing. As the jacket is, I won't dress it. 

3. Pedicure

Since I got married in 2012 I go to manicure and pedicure every 4 weeks. 5 decades I cared for my nails by myself. Since 2012 I get help. I love this bit of luxury. So last time when my toe nails were filed it hurt. I screamed 'aua', and indeed my skin was bloody. The woman had treated my skin instead of my nail with the file. The woman got an antiseptic and apologized. This can happen. 

I want to add that I really enjoy the conversations with this woman about almost everything. I even considered to invite her to dinner as she passes by my home when she leaves her shop. 
What happened next time changed my mind. 

Again I lied on the chair and she was treating my toe nails. She: "Last time you screamed, perhaps you have athlete's foot." She showed me my toe under the microscope. There was still a little red scarf to be seen from last injury. And this shall be athlete's foot, I wondered. I never had this. She pulled my toes apart to check if my foot is clean there. It was. "I have to sell you an antiseptic", she told me. Inside I screamed already: I don't want another bottle that I don't use and I also don't need it. I was polite and said nothing. 
When I left the shop I had this antiseptic for 11 Euro in my handbag and I was furious. Ah the energy. 

Why all this? 
I'm on my way to become an experienced shopper, yes yes......

What's even better: I love the variety of life. As creative as I am, I wouldn't have been able to invent such shopping stories. Life is wonderful. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014


This week is an excellent yoga week. Four times I went to a Mysore class. Tomorrow I'll participate in a led class. Today I had the feeling as if I have soft-boiled my body during the week and that I can reap from that work. The practice was easier like on other days.
My thoughts became more and more enthusiastic after my practice. As if it had happened already that I stood up from urdhva dhanurasana, so cheerful I was afterwards. It's possible, it's possible was my conviction. Thoughts change. I observe them and I enjoy the variety. I don't confuse them with the truth.

Today I realized how relatively far I went already. I was stiff and weak 11 years (!!!) ago. Many asanas seemed impossible. I can do them all. I achieved this because I kept practicing. Stamina is a key word. Perhaps also stubbornness. This is almost the American dream: From stiff and weak to flexible and strong. Haha.....
My first tip of the day: keep practicing. Progress cannot be seen in a few months only. What you might like today, you might like in 20 years, too. So work on it. Life is over when we are dead, not earlier.

During my Ashtanga yoga practice I breathe, I don't think so much. Afterwords I'm most of the time in best mood as written already. Where is the next horse to ride is my attitude. Bring it on.
The mind becomes active again. Ideas come up. Distraction is welcomed, too. I want to write, I want to take pictures, I want to do this and that.
Yet I also start thinking about my teeth. My long-term readers know that I had major issues. Five hours the dentist worked only on my upper jaw a few weeks back. It was exhausting, also psychologically. The treatment is not yet over. Yet I can already say how much yoga helped me. How? I learned to concentrate on the breath. This helps to relax and to forget all the other issues that occur in every life. It centers me. This shift in focus gives events that happen another priority. I'm not only my teeth. There are so many other things in life that deserve to be focused on.

Second tip: Find a real passion. Something you LOVE to do. It's the best medicine for everything.
In my case it's Ashtanga yoga and photography.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Till bakasana

My current focus is back bending, back bending, back bending.
I know that this is NOW the best strategy. It makes no sense to learn more and more asanas and to skip the back bending ones.

It's hard. Back bending challenges me. I know it's better not to ask on a daily basis if progress happened.
To be present every day, to exercise every day, to stay optimistic are the ingredients that will finally lead to the goals. The path and the goal are equally important, they are not in competition.

This morning I got up at 5am again to join the Mysore class. To practice in the morning is the best. I'm so enthusiastic, so motivated.

For me a balanced practice includes forward bending asanas, twists, back bending asanas, balancing asanas, inversions and the rest pose. How exactly these poses look like is not so important even though I have preferences. Yet these preferences have no influence on my behaviour, they entertain me. I know that the mind works like this. The mind compares and wants to find out what is good and what gives not so much pleasure. I exercise the asanas I like, yet also those I don't like so much. I don't care if an asana is challenging for me or easy. Bring it on, I exercise it.

Time to move on. The day after traveling is a hard-core working day.

Saturday, April 05, 2014


Samastithih position is not the prayer position.
Just to stand tall, calm, feet together, arms on the side is not that easy. I usually enjoy this pose. This is the starting point of my practice. With the next inhaling the show can begin. The breath initiates the movement, ekam, arms up.......

In the meantime we are in Italy close to the Lago di Garda and tomorrow we'll be at home. Time flies.
Internet connection was not always good. It's OK, too.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Mariychasana D in Valbonne

Finally we are in a hotel room that allowed a nice sweaty practice. I practiced primary and this has been challenging enough. We have the heater on, this helped as it's easier to move in warm rooms.

Outside it's raining. We don't care.

Rain means that we read and enjoy our time in restaurants. And I had time for the classic primary on a Friday.

Marichyasana D: The weight is rather on the right side (see picture). The weight of the body helps to bring the hip down. This is much easier than trying to press the bended leg down. I think this is an important improvement of the last years to understand where to shift the body weight.
The goal is to have the knee close to the floor and the hip, too.

Marichyasana D is one of the core poses of primary.

Oh oh, the Internet connection is so bad here that I stop writing. I hope the post is not lost.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Navasana is a challenge for me. I used to practice it only 3 times. My ambition is again to do it 5 times.  It strengthens the core of the body. It surely also prepares for the vinyasas.

Lifting the body up between the asana is an extra challenge.

Never omit anything.

Cordially greetings from France......

Monday, March 31, 2014

In Lyon

 It's a very nice hotel room, very nice. Nevertheless I skip my morning practice. Excuse: the hotel room is too small.

We walked around yesterday. It's so warm here  that only a jacket is necessary to feel warm even at night. We walked through the shopping area. Finally we found a nice restaurant: bon bourgois. They were very flexible and I even got a delicious vegan meal.

I admire everybody who manage it to practice in hotel rooms. I'm craving for a cup of coffee now.