Sunday, September 21, 2014

Little joys

We have a big bottle of lavender in our bathroom. Next to it is a plant. This plant loves this place and it is growing and growing. It grew up the wall of our lavender bottle. When we realized it, we had a lot of joy. When I dust I always put back the bottle at the same place. :) Little things count.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The practice, my rescuer

I feel relaxed. Also patient.

Yesterday after the yoga practice I worked on my calenders. Finally I found a page that offer calenders as products to create. And they do the sale, too. Many pages for photographers only deliver prints. It's necessary to pay a monthly fee often. Sometimes it's a page where one can only take part in an affiliate program. That is only when the customer comes from one's own page, one gets a fee. Many PC users don't use cookies. Then it's bad luck for the artist.

So yesterday I found a page that even puts an ISDN-No on the calender. Then one can sell it on Amazon, i.e. All the other conditions were great, too. I should add that I had former serious attempts to create a calender. Without success. So full of hope I tried to understand this new platform. 'In a few minutes you'll be there', I read finally. I worked hours already on that calender. Uploading pictures, adjusting pictures, filling in all used up a lot of time. After having read this optimistic note about the few minutes it still took me hours. Suddenly I felt so hungry.

Overnight I had soaked chickpeas. I was not at all in the mood to cook these chickpeas up to 2 hours till I could use them in this simple recipe. I don't like canned food anymore. What to do? I eat out, I thought. I went to that restaurant that makes burgers, they offer also a vegan one with fried potatoes. I mean I was hungry. I went. Just after having ordered I realized that I had forgotten my purse at home. I told this the waiter and she was very cool. I could eat and return later to pay. When my burger came it was a meat burger. I returned it. I got my vegan burger and I swore that this was the last time that I ate there. I almost ran home, got my money, returned to the restaurant, paid and felt free again.

At home again I wanted to work on another calender. I cannot explain why my first calender is a calender with pictures of the wild cats of Bulgaria. Why didn't I start with a yoga calender? Soon I found out why. The yoga pictures are everywhere on my PC. One must spend time in organizing all the creations. One must!!!! I gave up to create a second calender as it was late already.
At night I woke up. The name of my calender is 'The wild cats of Bulgaria.' Oh my, I thought: Perhaps this is wrong and it must read ' The wild cats from Bulgaria.' This drove me crazy. So glad that I slept finally again. I don't care at all, was the last opinion before dream land captured me again.

My routines get stronger and at 5am I was out of bed. My practice this morning was unexpectedly good. Perhaps because I had no expectations. I practiced slow, yet attentive.

Here I am again. Full of energy. Ready to do what comes next. Again my practice saved me. My mood is excellent. It took me years to do supta kurmasana, I can work a few days on a calender, isn't it. One step after the other. One breath after the other.

Picture: Our shala. The place in the left corner in front is in great demand.

Monday, September 15, 2014

I was well prepared

That I had practiced on Sunday was excellent. My body was ready for an intensive practice this morning after an intensive weekend with party and such.....but also with a Sunday morning practice, with a lot of back bending....

Back to an ascetic life. Bread and water. This translates: fruit and vegetables, peppermint tea and a cup of coffee in the morning. Very bearable.

My Iyengar gives me hope. His back bending asanas at age 70 were unique. He shows what is possible. And MSch helps me every single day in kapotasana and urdhva dhanurasana. One day these poses are mastered by me. I'm convinced. And then I can move on. I'd so love to do the leg behind head poses again. Human beings are so: we love to practice what is easy for us. In Ashtanga yoga we also practice what is difficult for us. If we like an asana or not doesn't play a role, if we are good at it or not doesn't play a role either. We practice what comes next in the series. This is for me also a life lessons. Nothing shall be omitted. What comes next will be mastered with attention, love, energy.

Inhaling - exhaling........ the week has started - let's make the best out of it.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Saturday off or Sunday off?

There is rumor that Sharath prefers to have Sunday off and not Saturday.

First some background information:
Ashtanga yoga practitioners don't practice on full moon and new moon days. And they don't practice on Saturday.

This was not always so. In the book 'Guruji' I read that in the early years there was no day off. P. Jois' family wished to be more together with him, so he took a day off from teaching on Saturday.

Later yogis/yoginis saw other reasons for this day off. It shall be an exercise of detachment i.e.

I see 2 more advantages:
- My body needs a day off to recover from intensive practices during the week.
- I get things done on Saturdays.

When I was in India those yoginis who practiced with Saraswathi had already Sunday off. On Saturdays was her led class and Sharath's led class was on Sundays.

I heard that the Ashtanga yoga shalas shall have the choice if they have Saturday or Sunday off.

For me it's more convenient not to practice on Saturday for 2 reasons:
1. In Germany on Sundays the shops are closed. Only on Saturday I can do grocery shopping i.e.
2. My home practices are not so intensive than the Mysore classes that start on Monday. To have my first practice of the week on Sunday at home is a very good preparation for Monday.

Today is's raining....and I'm looking forward to practice. It will be second series.....

Ursula Preiss photography
My yoga blog

Saturday, September 13, 2014

'No asana without vinyasa.' Really?

An important part of the Ashtanga practice are the vinyasas. They are my focus now. Yet are they really so important? Let me quote 2 opposing convictions.

Sharath usees to say that the vinyasas are important as they make the blood running. That is they make the practice to a real exercise where the circulation of blood is exercised, too.

B.K.S. Iyengar said in an interview that I published yesterday that Krichnamacharya taught yoga at the Palace. They were into martial art. In order to make yoga attractive to them he addded the vinyasas.
Iyengar is convinced that if an 80 year old man comes to him to learn yoga, he can teach the asanas. To teach the vinyasas from a certain age on makes no sense.

So are the vinyasas important now or not?
I think they are. One really learns to coordinate the body. It makes me strong. It exercises indeed the blood circulation. Otherwise I had to run in addition if I didn't practice the vinyasas.

Yet: there are days of exhaustion., days of low energy. And then it's absolutely OK to omit the vinyasas. I think I'll take it easier now since I know the initial intention of the vinyasas. I feel still young enough to practice with the young ones. :)

My self-timer is in repair. So enjoy the rain picture:

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Friday, September 12, 2014


I overslept. It makes no sense to hurry anymore. It is TOO LATE to go to the led class. Now I've all the time of the world to sip my hot bitter black coffee. I couldn't believe it when I looked at the right corner of my PC. 'What's wrong?' I wondered. It was 6:30am already and at 7am is the first inhale. At 6am I had to leave my home. I curse. At 9pm I was in bed. The loudest alarm clock gives its best and I oversleep.

I'm awake now. Haha...and shake my head. I overslept the second time this week. I listen to the rain drops falling on the roof. A calming sound. I feel warm and cosy at home. :) Nevertheless I'd preferred to be on my way to the led class.

Yesterday I had made a detailed plan of today. After the class I wanted to go to the photo shop where I bought the self-timer. It doesn't work anymore. And and I sit here and listen to the rain.

I'll practice at home. Primary. Yes!!!!

Yesterday I had an extra yoga session at home. I set the timer for 25 min and exercised the vinyasas. Next time when I do anything extra I want to know what to do, i.e. sun salutations to warm up. 10 times forward floating, 10 times backward floating. When I step on the mat with the goal to learn the vinyasas I get frustrated because it takes time. The new method needs time to be integrated. To balance on the hands before floating through and backwards seems doable but not at once. I face fear again. I don't want to go to the wall again. It's better to learn to fall.

Time to move on. The source wanted me to oversleep. Here I am -  and instrument of the divine. :)

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Iyengar Interview

It's so interesting this interview that I have to share it. 

Guruji's Urdhva Dhanurasana

This is what I admire: Iyengar practiced toll the end of his life. He is a true role model. He gives me hope.